Trump Wakes Up, Explains Twitter Outage, Demands DoJ Investigate E-mails, Uranium And ‘Plus, Plus’

"Someone do something!!"

Donald Trump was up well before dawn on Friday, presumably to ensure that someone (else) hadn’t taken down his Twitter feed overnight.

And see the funny thing is, you think I’m being sarcastic. But I’m not:


That’s Trump’s takeaway from what happened last night. An outgoing customer support employee takes it upon themselves to take down his account on their last day on the job and the conclusion Trump draws is that “the word must finally be getting out and having an impact.”

I mean, to a certain extent that’s true. The “word” is getting out and it is “having an impact.” Specifically, the “word” is “out” that Trump is a raving lunatic and that’s “having an impact” on sane people who want to try and shut him up before he ushers in the apocalypse 140-characters at a time.

But that wasn’t all the President wanted to focus on this morning. He also wanted to make sure Jeff Sessions has another miserable day. You’ll recall that everyone’s (least) favorite racist lawn gnome had a tough go of it on Thursday as lawmakers began to ask fresh questions about what he knew about the Trump campaign’s ties to Moscow in light of new evidence from cooperating witness George Papadopoulos and testimony from Carter Page.

Well, you’ll also recall that Trump has variously suggested that someone should “DO SOMETHING” fast with regard to launching some kind of investigation into someone that isn’t him and his associates lest he should end up be implicated in a treasonous plot to undermine America’s democracy.

So on Friday what he’s going to do is Twitter-beg/Twitter-demand that Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department launch investigations into… I don’t know…. into something. Here’s Trump:


Now I don’t know who “everybody” is there, but he’s certainly correct to say that Fox News is asking and now, much to the chagrin of the paper’s reporters, WSJ’s editorial board has joined the crusade.

But whatever you want to say about that, there’s no getting around the fact that Trump is desperate for a distraction or some kind of diversion. He’s up at 6 something in the morning tweeting about uranium, deleted e-mails, and “plus, plus.”

Next up, expect Trump to try and strong arm Sessions into doing something he doesn’t want to do. Rex Tillerson and John Kelly are last month’s news. It’s Jeff Sessions’ turn to wake up nauseated every morning (again).

Oh, and then he said this:


I don’t think it’s occurred to him that calling Sanders “Crazy Bernie” kind of dilutes the message there.

Summed up…


2 comments on “Trump Wakes Up, Explains Twitter Outage, Demands DoJ Investigate E-mails, Uranium And ‘Plus, Plus’

  1. FLOUNDERING. Leaving the SWAMP to go out of country.
    Leaving RSMIII to tell every one what’s going on.
    Está la Vista, Yugely!
    Karma’s a bit@@h.

  2. Even a first year psychology major could figure out that Trump’s constant focus on Clinton’s real and or imagined political mistakes and abuses as a distraction to his much more transparent mistakes, abuses, and their actual FBI investigations – means he knows that he did not actually win the election legally. Consequently, his greatest fear is that he will not only be prosecuted and convicted of his election and other crimes, but that somehow Hillary will then be given the Presidency because of his default by criminal activities. Think about it, even Trump doesn’t believe that he won the election or that he will continue as President. His biggest nightmare is that Hillary is yet going to “win” the election.

    While I’m not sure how much less corrupt another Clinton Presidency would be, I find it high unlikely that she will ever become President. Especially if Trump gets his wishes and the Clinton side of the election is exposed – which given the Mueller investigation into Trump would then be transparency on both sides’ inappropriate and or illegal activities become transparent. In the end, all that will remain is the already obvious need for the US to overhaul its “Payola” for-profit election process and resulting fully monetized Democracy – and prosecute those that continue to enable it.

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