A Week After Saying He Has ‘One Of The Great Memories Of All Time’ Trump Says Can’t Remember Papadopoulos Meeting

I don’t know if you remember this or not, because not all of us have “the best” memories. Take Jeff Sessions, for instance. He can’t seem to remember much of anything these days.

But on the off chance you can recall things that happened last month, you might remember that in the wake of the whole Myeshia Johnson kerfuffle, the President claimed that the reason you should believe his account of a conversation he had with a grieving widow as opposed to her own account of that same conversation, is because Trump “has one of the great memories of all-time.” Here’s the clip:


Ok, so let’s go with that. Trump has “one of the great memories of all-time.”

That being the case, you’d certainly think he would recall the meeting he had in March of 2016 with, among other people, George Papadopoulos, the former adviser who is now a cooperating witness in the Muller probe.

And here’s the thing: it’s not like Trump wasn’t excited about meetings that included Papadopoulos. Because after all, he literally had a poster made to commemorate one of them, a poster which he subsequently shared on his verified social media accounts. Here’s that poster:


So given all of the above, it’s somewhat surprising that, when asked about that meeting on Friday, Trump said this:

Apparently, Trump only has “one of the great memories of all time” when he’s calling military families liars. When it comes to a discussion during which a cooperating witness in an investigation into his campaign’s ties to Moscow reportedly broached the subject of a meeting with Putin, Trump can’t remember anything.

Funny how that works.

Nothing further.

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4 thoughts on “A Week After Saying He Has ‘One Of The Great Memories Of All Time’ Trump Says Can’t Remember Papadopoulos Meeting

  1. I almost feel sorry for the dotard. I’m sure in his mind he was kind and I think that the widow probably overreacted to what was said. How the comment “he knew what he signed up for” is heard depends on how it is delivered. The thing is Trump has zero empathy for anyone but Trump and possesses zero social grace. Case in point, his meeting in Puerto Rico and a poor attempt at humor with the budget talk. Trump would let Don Jr. go to prison if it keeps his fat ass out of jail. So you’re right, I don’t feel sorry and loathe the space he occupies on earth. Lock him up!

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