Trump Says Maybe Due Process Is Overrated, Screams About ‘DEATH PENALTY’ On Twitter

To be clear, "what we have right now" is due process.

Honestly I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time writing about this, but it’s going to be news so alas, we have to keep humoring Rex Tillerson’s “fucking moron” at least until Robert Meuller gets close enough to Kushner to tip the first domino on the constitutional crisis that will invariably lead to Trump’s impeachment.

As you know, the President called the U.S. justice system “a joke” and a “laughingstock” on Wednesday. Here’s the clip:


To be clear, “what we have right now” is due process. And you know, Trump should be careful what he wishes for, because under a system like that which he seems to be proposing, he would have been convicted of treason a long time ago.

That soundbite is like almost everything else he says: so egregious that it eludes attempts to lampoon and/or critique it. Further, that’s the kind of thing that leads lawmakers to question whether he is mentally fit to serve.

And speaking of saying things that make you wonder if Trump is mentally fit to serve, here are his two tweets from Thursday morning:


For one thing, common sense dictates that there needs to be some national security-based rationale for sending someone to Gitmo. It’s not something you do out of sheer spite or just so you can brag about it later at a campaign rally.

But let’s just leave that aside for now. Is this really what we want? I mean there’s exactly zero chance that Sayfullo Saipov is going to somehow wriggle out of this. He drove a fucking rented Home Depot truck into a bunch of people in broad daylight and then bragged about it. So what purpose does it serve for the President of the United States to get on Twitter and put “DEATH PENALTY” in all caps?

It serves zero purpose and in fact, it does the opposite of what he intends for it to do. For one thing, it raises questions about why he didn’t say the same thing after Charlottesville and perhaps more importantly, taken with what he said about the justice system on Wednesday, it makes you wonder what kind of system we would have if he had his way.

At the end of the day, he’s not doing himself any favors by saying these things and he certainly isn’t doing anything to calm the nerves of Americans by taking the fear factor up another notch with bombastic tweets and soundbites that make people question the utility of a system based on due process.


8 comments on “Trump Says Maybe Due Process Is Overrated, Screams About ‘DEATH PENALTY’ On Twitter

  1. He says these things because it’s the first dictatorial, angry, evil, mean, treacherous thing that comes to his deranged mind. It’s not a product of reflective thought about policy, law, American values, or anything of the sort. Attempting to place his words into any sort of rational context other than he’s acting like the godfather of an organized crime family or a dictator who is seriously mentally ill as evidenced by his announcing to the world his desire or intentions to violate the law, constitution and all conventions known to civilized Western societies.

    All right thinking Americans must to give up on reacting to his daily Tourettes-like deranged utterances, ignore his words and sign* and send in petitions every day and march for his impeachment of this mongrel.


    • 🙂 you signed too! Also, I really liked your phrase “his daily Tourettes-like deranged utterances” so know when I copy and use it, it will be a compliment to you!

      Another good point is your reference to godfather…which is exactly correct. He has been around that breed so long and has many connections that he does feel like one of them – which is also an explanation of his evil bully method of commenting with his ‘duh’ like sentence structure.

      He should retire quietly to a “home” designed for dotards. Maybe he will live to see the movie.

      • Yes, it’s a citizen’s duty to communicate to their elected officials that Trump must be removed from office, if he or she believes that he is guilty of having committed impeachable offenses. Since the list of impeachable offenses that he’s committed is longer than the Bill of Rights, it’s high time a Bill of Impeachment be rendered!

  2. This is the kind of odd behavior that just seems too “perfect” from the opposition’s standpoint. I’m going back to the theory DT is a contract player, a plant, of the left wing to decimate the GOP. Incredible! Talk about a turd in the punchbowl. That was my theory last year in the primary. I admitted being wrong post general election but now I’m thinking my apology was premature. The legitimate wing of the GOP, if that still exists, should get on the “right” side of this asap.

    If I’m still wrong about the plant theory, and he’s real, then it’s time for another Goldwater moment, as in Goldwater’s visit to the Oval Office to let Nixon know he had to go. First step is to make sure they have the right VP in place to do clean-up. Do they just let Pence elevate or does Pence step down ahead of the event to make way for a better recovery POTUS?

    Gets complicated – or maybe its as simple as they are just a bunch of scoundrels.

    • If he’s the turd in the punchbowl as you first thought or he’s real and he’s simply deranged and insane, then the remedy is the same: Trump must be removed from office.

  3. Delusional Moron Dotard, who by the time he reaches China, will probably try to overstay his visit.

    Guess he had to misdirect, since his boy Ryan couldn’t cobble together any viable reform!

    • Perhaps he’ll petition for and they’ll grant him asylum, and put him in an insane asylum where he belongs.

      • Those were my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep last night (more like 2am today). If I was his princess daughter Ivanka, I would be telling him the only way out of this mess and to avoid being charged and potentially imprisoned is to seek a doctor’s diagnosis of dementia and quietly leave office and be treated. I doubt he would or could be charged under those circumstances.

        I have always believed in seeking your ultimate objective and taking whatever route is easiest to complete – it may not have all the rewards along the way (such as trump in jail or even charged) but reaching the goal is the ultimate win.

        His final years, he can live in peace or he can live behind bars or financially and emotionally ruined.

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