In Trio Of Desperate Tweets, Trump Blasts A ‘Liar Named George’, Says You Should Trust Manafort’s Lawyer

Donald Trump is panicking. Yesterday's Manafort indictment was a disaster for this administration for a laundry list of reasons, not the least of which is that it underscores the fact that, very much contrary to what Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Kelly tried to tell you, Mueller is just getting started and he is deadly serious. But worse for Trump is the George Papadopolous news. Basically, he was flipped by the FBI. So Mueller has at least one cooperating witness and you've got to think th

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7 thoughts on “In Trio Of Desperate Tweets, Trump Blasts A ‘Liar Named George’, Says You Should Trust Manafort’s Lawyer

  1. how does the myth that lower corporate taxes leads to job creation continue to live? only demand for goods and services creates jobs—if low taxes or low interest rates (no difference on the inc statement) lead to job creation?? if there is no NEW demand, corporations keep the savings, no one says “gee, I have this ‘extra’ money, less hire some people!’

    1. Not necessarily. There’s also the theory that increasing the supply of goods and services creates jobs. Putting theories aside, there is the reality of statistics that low-tax and no-tax countries enjoy higher employment, salaries, wealth and prosperity than high-tax countries. Fact, not theory.

  2. No, there will be no new employees as a result of this bs tax cut (hahaha) – an employer still has to consider not only payroll for a new hire but also the payroll taxes and matching fica and if lucky to have insurance for employees – then depending on position of a new employee, perhaps a desk and all those supplies, or a vehicle and supplies, additional office space?

    He’s an idiot. Looking forward to putting him out of our misery!

  3. One of candidate Trump’s main talking points: he’s a master at hiring the BEST people. But now that 2 of them are indicted (bigly!) and 1 has plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with foreign nationals (Russia)….they were inconsequential crimes committed before they worked for the campaign and the guilty one was just a “coffee boy” that no one really knew.

    So, which is it, Mr. President?

    1. And forgot to mention of course that that “coffee boy” is seen in a picture sitting in a “national security” meeting with Trump. No, you know, sitting by the snack table in case somebody needs him.

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