In Trio Of Desperate Tweets, Trump Blasts A ‘Liar Named George’, Says You Should Trust Manafort’s Lawyer

Donald Trump is panicking.

Yesterday’s Manafort indictment was a disaster for this administration for a laundry list of reasons, not the least of which is that it underscores the fact that, very much contrary to what Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Kelly tried to tell you, Mueller is just getting started and he is deadly serious.

But worse for Trump is the George Papadopolous news. Basically, he was flipped by the FBI. So Mueller has at least one cooperating witness and you’ve got to think that if he’s got one, he’s probably got more.

Remember what we said over the weekend? Recall this:

So, again: it’s best to just be honest with yourself about what’s probably coming lest you should end up having some kind of mental breakdown every time you turn on the news and have to listen to how someone else has been indicted.

The writing is on the wall here and the desperation from the Right-wing cheerleading squad is readily apparent. Have a look at this cartoonish screengrab from Hannity:


We think highly enough of our conservative readership to say definitively that even if you are vehemently pro-Trump and anti-Clinton, you know that is the very definition of absurd. That is just grasping at straws. People are being indicted on charges that include “conspiracy against the United States” and at least one witness to that alleged conspiracy has been flipped by Mueller. This is not a drill Sean.

So no matter how hard the administration and its surrogates try, they can’t change the facts on this one. There are no “alternative facts” when it comes to what we learned on Monday. Sorry, but this horse has left the barn. The ship has sailed.

Well, Trump is on Twitter on Tuesday morning and he’s doing his best to try and convince his base i) not to worry about the fact that his former campaign manager was indicted yesterday and ii) that an adviser who has apparently turned state’s against him is “a proven liar.” Here’s the President:


It’s almost sad to the extent that it betrays an inability to communicate at a high level. Read that second tweet. To wit:

Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar.

A couple of things there. First of all, it’s laughable. I mean come on: “named George?” That sentence sounds like it was written by an 8-year-old child. But beyond that, he’s actually trying to use Mueller’s evidence against Mueller. He’s saying that because Papadopolous lied to the FBI about Russia, that you can’t trust Papadopolous. In some sense I guess that’s true, but it’s a patently absurd way to try and go about exonerating oneself in this scenario.

As far as the first tweet goes, that’s clearly ridiculous. He’s effectively saying this: “There was no collusion, just ask the lawyer for the guy who is charged with conspiring against the United States.” It would literally be illegal for that lawyer to saying anything different. The lawyer has to represent his client’s interests. What do you think he’s going to say?

Finally, you’ve got to love that third tweet. “We should be focusing on massive tax cuts for business!” And then in case anyone reads that as “tax cuts for the wealthy” he puts “jobs” in parentheses. Then he tries to say that we should all be focused on the “Middle Class” but, seemingly unable to contain himself even for one tweet, he puts “in addition to Democrat corruption” in parentheses after that.

I’m sorry, but those tweets are a truly #sad (to use a Trump-ism) attempt to spin what is quite clearly going to go down as one of the most consequential episodes in the history of American politics. There is a palpable degree of desperation there and he almost sounds fatalistic.

Meanwhile, the latest polls from both NBC/WSJ and Gallup show the President’s approval ratings at record lows.

Nothing further.

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7 thoughts on “In Trio Of Desperate Tweets, Trump Blasts A ‘Liar Named George’, Says You Should Trust Manafort’s Lawyer

  1. how does the myth that lower corporate taxes leads to job creation continue to live? only demand for goods and services creates jobs—if low taxes or low interest rates (no difference on the inc statement) lead to job creation?? if there is no NEW demand, corporations keep the savings, no one says “gee, I have this ‘extra’ money, less hire some people!’

    1. Not necessarily. There’s also the theory that increasing the supply of goods and services creates jobs. Putting theories aside, there is the reality of statistics that low-tax and no-tax countries enjoy higher employment, salaries, wealth and prosperity than high-tax countries. Fact, not theory.

  2. No, there will be no new employees as a result of this bs tax cut (hahaha) – an employer still has to consider not only payroll for a new hire but also the payroll taxes and matching fica and if lucky to have insurance for employees – then depending on position of a new employee, perhaps a desk and all those supplies, or a vehicle and supplies, additional office space?

    He’s an idiot. Looking forward to putting him out of our misery!

  3. One of candidate Trump’s main talking points: he’s a master at hiring the BEST people. But now that 2 of them are indicted (bigly!) and 1 has plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with foreign nationals (Russia)….they were inconsequential crimes committed before they worked for the campaign and the guilty one was just a “coffee boy” that no one really knew.

    So, which is it, Mr. President?

    1. And forgot to mention of course that that “coffee boy” is seen in a picture sitting in a “national security” meeting with Trump. No, you know, sitting by the snack table in case somebody needs him.

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