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Freudian Slip: Steve King, Trump Jr. Go On Highly Successful ‘Peasant’ Hunt

Steve has since "corrected" the tweet.

You remember Iowa Republican Steve King, right?

Steve is the guy who got so excited about the xenophobic agenda being pushed by Geert Wilders in the Netherlands that he actually tweeted the following outrageous “endorsement” back in March:


Got that? Steve thinks “we can’t restore civilization with somebody else’s babies,” and the especially amusing part of that tweet is that it appears even Wilders has deleted the tweet it referenced.

Asked by CNN to explain that egregious nonsense, Steve said the following:

I’m not sure that helps.

But on the off chance there were some folks out there having trouble connecting the proverbial dots, allow former Imperial Wizard of the KKK David Duke to clear things up for you with one (all-caps) tweet:


So that’s Steve King.

And damn the optics (because the Trump family has shown time and again that bad optics isn’t something they are concerned about), Donald Trump Jr. took some time away from colluding with Russians over the weekend to go hunting with ol’ Steve and as you can see from the following tweet, it looks like there was a Freudian slip:


There you go America. Just the son of a populist President and a GOP lawmaker returning from a successful “peasant” hunt.

How fun is that?

Steve has since “corrected” the tweet.



11 comments on “Freudian Slip: Steve King, Trump Jr. Go On Highly Successful ‘Peasant’ Hunt

  1. Your bullshit take on a spelling slip is disgusting H.

  2. Cheers H. Too bad Dick (literally) Cheney wasn’t on board. He might have shot one or two of them in the face.. Better luck next time.

  3. Who’s David Cox?

  4. Absolutely love the Cheney reference, perfect…………..

  5. There are a lot of peasants out there. Season lasts 12 months.

  6. H. Surprised you lowered yourself to reply an unwashed peasant.
    Remember the old axiom ” never argue with a fool, as you will lose, due to them having more practice, at arguing at that level.”

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