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‘That Is Wrong’: McCain Clowns Trump For Dodging Vietnam With ‘Bone Spur’ Excuse

"That is wrong. That is wrong."

"That is wrong. That is wrong."
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3 comments on “‘That Is Wrong’: McCain Clowns Trump For Dodging Vietnam With ‘Bone Spur’ Excuse

  1. I don’t why McCain feels a need to get n a pissing match with Trump…but he does. So it’s about time a few things were laid on the line..

    Trump eggs people’s his “game…” All you had to do was watch his reality show to know that when the power is skewed towards him..the chief host and critic of others… then watch out. Trump has always been able to throw a punch but doesn’t take them well. When someone punches back hard he ALWAYS either sues or caves. McCain ought to be old enough and smart enough to know that unless you will to grind on Trump he won’t give up…What kind of special point is McCain making that already isn’t obvious.

    As for McCain. He endured a great deal of pain for a long time in Vietnam…a war that wasted 50,000 soldiers lives, MILLIONS OF VIETNAMESE, radicalized a country and proved to be utterly worthless. McCain was proud of that..serving one’s country involves more than killing people to no good end. McCain has always been a warmonger and 3rd rate Senator.

    Neither one of these retro has beens should be paid attention to…the day will come when Trump tweets and everyone yawns…if they aren’t already.

  2. Trump. The most well known Draft Dodger in America.

    On October 20, 2017 trump signed one of his Executive Orders and it was not the news lead of the day.

    You can read all about it at

    Executive Order on October 20, 2017
    Presidential Executive Order Amending Executive Order 13223

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