Myeshia Johnson: Wilson’s Account Of The Trump Call Was 100% Correct – The President Was On Speakerphone

Ok, so I just want to kind of make sure we’re all on the same page here when it comes to the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and the family of a dead solider.

And yes, that’s just as ridiculous as it sounds – the President of the United States is now in a war of words with the family of slain service member.

It’s important to truly appreciate how absurd this is. The miracle of Donald Trump is that he not only has an uncanny knack for creating bad situations and then immediately making them worse, but also for creating bad situations and then pyramiding them on top of each other.


So for instance, last Monday he managed to turn a press conference on tax reform into a referendum on which Presidents cared the most about dead soldiers. That, in and of itself, was a truly incredible feat. That pivot (from tax reform to dead soldier pissing contest) is not only difficult to make, it’s damn near impossible. But he did it. And then, instead of just letting it go, he doubled down on the claim that ex-Presidents didn’t call dead soldiers by dragging John Kelly and his dead son into things.

Meanwhile, he was in damage control mode with regard to criticism that he hadn’t yet contacted the families of soldiers killed in Niger so he scrambled around to call them and when he did, he accidentally insulted a widow. When he was called out on that by a lawmaker who overheard the discussion, he tried to lie about it, but that didn’t work because as it turns out, he was on speakerphone apparently without realizing it.

So then he made John Kelly hold a press conference the sole purpose of which seemed to be to discredit Frederica Wilson. That was going ok-ish until Kelly went off on a tangent about respecting women and the sanctity of Jesus. And then about 24 hours later things really went awry after the media went back and dug up the video of the Frederica Wilson speech that Kelly referenced and discovered that in fact, Kelly was bald-face lying too.

Well, in what we certainly hope will be the final act of what Tom Hanks recently called “one of the biggest cock-ups on planet Earth” Trump said this on Monday morning about his call with Myeshia Johnson:


Guess who doesn’t agree? Myeshia Johnson. Have a listen:

Our message to Trump, which we imagine will fall on deaf ears, would be this: just stop Mr. President – for the love of God, just stop.

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4 thoughts on “Myeshia Johnson: Wilson’s Account Of The Trump Call Was 100% Correct – The President Was On Speakerphone

  1. I would be surprised if he stops. He has two things going on here. #1 He is never wrong and he will push back if you say he is. #2 He takes pleasure insulting people, hurting people. If the “other side” stops after he has the last word, there is some hope he would then stop. But no guarantees, he could wake on 3 days later and start all over again. What a disgrace for America.

  2. Is there a chance trump is a false flag for some other stuff going on behind the scenes? Trump could be using scandal to mask stuff he doesn’t want us to see and making changes while we are distracted. Its only a slight chance but the risk is what is sometimes referred to here as “tail end of the distribution” hopefully

  3. A bully only stops being a bully, is when he is on his own. The support structure around the hairball, will ensure he stays the course as a bully..

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