Twitter Forced To Explain Why They’re Letting Trump Start A Nuclear War

"Some of you have been asking why we don't remove Trump's tweet."

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get anymore absurd, it invariably does.

So as you know, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said on Monday that Donald Trump has effectively “declared war” on Pyongyang.

That was apparently a reference to this tweet:


Of course that tweet was itself a response to Ri, who last week said it was all but “inevitable” that North Korea’s missiles will one day be launched in the direction of the U.S. mainland.

But then that was a response to Trump who, after calling Kim “Rocket Man” in front of the U.N. General Assembly, threatened to “totally destroy” the North.

And we can trace this back as far as you want to go. It’s just middle schoolers lobbing insults at each other, only these middle schoolers are heads of state with nuclear weapons.

Lost in the sheer absurdity of it all is the fact that both Trump and Kim are threatening to kill each other on a near hourly basis. And not only that, they are threatening to kill other people too.

Well on Monday – and you’re not going to believe this – Twitter felt it necessary to respond to what apparently were multiple requests to have Trump’s tweet (the one shown above) removed.

Those requests appear to stem from the fact that the tweet in question amounts to the President of the United States threatening to murder 26 million people. Here’s Twitter:



Take a minute to let that sink in.

Twitter literally felt compelled to explain its decision to allow Donald Trump to use the platform to start a nuclear war.

That is what just happened. In real life. Right in front of you.

So for anyone out there who, just nine short months ago, was inclined to suggest that Trump’s critics were being hyperbolic by saying he would eventually lead us down the path to nuclear war 140 characters at a time, it’s time for a mea culpa.

Because that is what’s happening, and Twitter itself just acknowledged as much.


2 comments on “Twitter Forced To Explain Why They’re Letting Trump Start A Nuclear War

  1. Are you saying you would prefer this to happen in private?
    I do have to give your “i told you so” high marks for its finesse. But i also have to point out your still a bit premature.
    If I knew for sure it was going to happen at some point in the future (over say the next 50 years) i would say do it now.
    But i still hold out hope at some point China will reign their client state in. (Trump may or may not be helping that process, i don’t know)
    I think it beyond absurd people think this is in any way twitters fault or that its a good ideal to censor politicians.

    Great article HB. Keep them coming.

  2. It isn’t Twitters fault. It’s Twitter’s adult users’ fault. Twitter started out as a middle school social media platform and in 2010 only 8% users were adults. The majority of Twitter users now 2017 are outside the US (79%) and under 20, Those US adults that use it – use it because a middle school social media platform is where they are most intellectually comfortable. This is where Trump and his ‘true believers’ are most comfortable.

    Adult social media user intellectual resources (deficient critical thinking skills) in not detecting the con job played on them by Trump’s con artists/promoters (and Russians) on social media and the senior Republican leadership (“my interests and agenda at any price” Republicans) are why we still have an incompetent and mentally deficient President. A Republican Majority Congressional leadership that still refuses their Constitutional obligations to remove a mentally and professionally incompetent President from Office – and Democrats who are sitting back and watching Donald Trump destroy the entire credibility of the Republican Party to their benefit, but at the expense of the entire nation.

    Having two largely corporately owned political parties and their campaigns – Ds and Rs have for decades run high school popularity contests playing to the average and low intellect voters (Trump being the low point) – instead of elections with professionally vetted candidates (Presidential and Congressional) actually capable of contributing to the leadership of the country and representation of the best interests of its people.

    The bottom line is the nations corrupted political parties’ self interests are killing the nation and they might as well all be the agents of foreign enemies based on their lack of true service to the country, its future and best interests. Until we correct this dysfunctional, inept, corporate/special interests – monetized, 24/7 election industry (and associated biased political media) system – we can expect a continuing string of incompetent political party (and or foreign?) puppets and a nation with no competent leadership. Sooner than later, it is inevitable that another power will use our nations’ political corrupt election system weaknesses to gain control of the country from the top down – that is if they haven’t already.

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