‘Proactive And Nasty’: Trump Says His Strategy With Women Working Well On ISIS

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump insisted that although he is a complete government neophyte (the perils of which have become clear to him since the inauguration), his “extensive” experience in the world of business would pay “big league” dividends for the American people once Russia installed him in the Oval Office.

Since January we’ve learned that either i) business acumen doesn’t translate into political wherewithal or more likely, ii) Donald Trump couldn’t “deal” his way out of a wet paper bag.

Because contrary to his insistence that he “makes the best” deals, he hadn’t made any deals worth noting up until last week when he struck a debt ceiling arrangement with Democrats that, from the perspective of the GOP anyway, was the worst deal anyone has made since Native Americans sold Manhattan to Peter Minuit for $24 (that’s an urban legend, but you get the point).


But not all of the “strategery” Trump employed in his pre-Oval Office days has proven to be utterly useless in his capacity as commander-in-chief. Witness this tweet from Friday morning:


That’s right!

When someone isn’t acting like you want them to act, you’ve got to be “proactive and nasty.”

Which, as we learned with the Access Hollywood tapes, is exactly the way Trump approaches members of the opposite sex.

Nothing further.


One thought on “‘Proactive And Nasty’: Trump Says His Strategy With Women Working Well On ISIS

  1. A direct, confrontational, aggressive approach – is the default strategy typical of an extremely simple or damaged mind. If your brain doesn’t have the intellectual functionality to integrate and process the observations necessary to understand that no one strategy works all the time – or anywhere near all the time, you need to be on meds, and certainly not be the President of anything.

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