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American Apathy

There's still quite a bit of confusion out there with regard to exactly what it is that lawmakers are debating in Washington. Americans are an apathetic bunch and unless something directly impacts their lives, they generally don't care. That's understandable and indeed, it's entirely forgivable under most circumstances. Because it's not always clear what's "apathy" and what's "given the rigors of day-to-day existence, I literally don't have time to care about that." Separating those two things is important. If you confuse them, you're led to all kinds of ridiculous conclusions like this one, trotted out by quite a few Right-wing bloggers and even some African American commentators last month: "black people never spoke out about Confederate statues until Charlottesville, therefore black people are being disingenuous to demand the removal of monuments to slavery." Here's how we debunked that completely absurd assertion: Society is full of examples of things that probably should be abolished but are generally tolerated by the people they harm (psychologically or even physically). The reason for that apparent apathy is self-evident: lacking some catalyst that adds a sense of immedi
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