There’s A Trump Tweet For That…

"Don't fall for it."

Presented without further comment…






4 comments on “There’s A Trump Tweet For That…

  1. Trump is just pissed because Obama beat him to the disaster (photo op) area – like a real president should.

    Nothing better than a physical demonstration of ones general IQ and critical thinking skills – and the Donald didn’t see the problem in stilettos and flood water either. LOL and from one Trump episode of making a fool of himself – to the next. Even so, given the amount of BS the Trump administration generates on a daily basis – you would have thought the Trumps owned and would have had their Gucci hip-wadders already on when they came out of he WH.

  2. Dan Gabella

    “What a crowd, what a turnout.” What an ass!

  3. Chris Betts

    Dan: Thank you, simple and to the point! Well said…

  4. Curt A Tyner

    Hey donnie what a great hat, where can I get one? Made in China, price $40 bucks, photo-op PRICELESS.

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