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#MAGA Gets Back On Track As Yields, Dollar Fall, VIX Spikes

The “Make America Great Again” train was chugging along just fine after a week chock-full of “winning” and then, on Monday, it got derailed a bit.

First, Mitch McConnell promised the debt ceiling would be raised. Then, someone forced Trump to make a speech on foreign policy that was some semblance of sane. Finally, things got immeasurably worse on Tuesday morning when Politico suggested that there was some progress on tax reform.

Obviously none of that is consistent with the type of leadership we’re used to seeing. In short, #MAGA looked to be on hold.

But God bless him, Donald Trump rekindled the “winning” spirit on Tuesday evening in Phoenix with a series of rants that restored everyone’s faith in the idea that we should have absolutely no faith.

Mr. President: preach….

That’s more like it.

What does #MAGA look like on a two-day window for the dollar, yields, and the VIX, you ask? This:


Equities were red on the cash open – let’s see if the dip-buyers show up.


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