‘In The End, Only One Of Them Will Be Left Standing’: Trump Vs. Trump

"There can be only one."

One of the most hilarious things about Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to control his impulses in the interest of not getting himself impeached, is the extent to which we’re witnessing, in real-time, an epic fight to the death between @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS.

Like Highlander, “there can be only one.”

Every time we think @POTUS might have managed to get the upper-hand, @realDonaldTrump promptly crashes the party with an errant tweet, a improvised press conference, or a raucous campaign rally that quickly disabuses us of the notion that the villain in this 80s-style slasher picture we’re all watching has finally been killed off for good.

This struggle between President Trump and citizen Trump has been on full display this month.

So in a tribute to that, we thought this was a great time to re-post the following piece we ran earlier this year by Notes From Disgracedland’s Bjarne Knausgaard .

I think you’ll see why this is becoming more and more relevant quite literally by the day.


Organs without bodies: Symbolic reattachment & hystericization of American politics

Phallus is not an organ that expresses the vital force of my being, but an insignia that I put on in the same way king puts on his crown. Phallus is an organ without body, which gets attached to my body, but never becomes its organic part, forever sticking out as its incoherent excessive prosthesis. [S. Žižek]

If a king holds a scepter in his hands (no matter how small they might be) and wears the crown, his words are taken as royal. Such insignia are external, not part of who he really is. He wears them to exercise power. As such, they define the gap between what he actually is and the function he exercises[1]. But, what remains of the real person if the symbolic title is taken away? This question becomes the center of the neurosis of power. Imagine a corrupt judge: I know very well that the person in front of me is a corrupted weakling, but I nonetheless treat him respectfully, since he wears the insignia of a judge — when he speaks, it is the law itself that speaks through him. However, when he takes off his toga and steps out of the courtroom, he is nobody.

Symbolic castration is the gap between a real/actual person and his symbolic title. The gap is irreducible — the symbolic persona always dominates the real one. This is the fundamental dichotomy of symbolic castration. It is synonymous with power as it gives power to the person who is castrated, but that transaction comes with castration as its price. The actual subject cannot ever fully identify with the symbolic mask or title (phallus never loses its autonomy) and his questioning of the symbolic title becomes the center of hysteria[2].

Donald Trump’s presidency is the hystericization of American politics. He represents a case of an attempted symbolic reattachment — a reverse of symbolic castration — a desire to reduce the irreducible, which gives his presidency an aura of a logical paradox. Trump’s determination to undermine his symbolic self has become especially clear in the last two months: The presidential tweets are screaming of self-sabotage, and the display of conflicts of interests is just too obvious and explicitly self-incriminating to be unintentional.

The nonlinearity of his relationship with facts and his propensity to lie have reached alarming proportions; it is unlike anything we have seen in the public life of western democracies. The antagonism of the press and media, which seems to be continuing with unrestrained intensity, has created massive negative externalities for the entire administration. The absence of any foresight in his conduct is stunning: It does not take much thought to realize that this could have never produced any positive effects for his presidency.

Same goes for his compulsive divisiveness of the populace, and deliberate undermining of his allies, his staff, and supporters, which has isolated him to the point that no one wants to work with or for him. There is no one who takes him seriously any more — he is the laughing stock of the entire world and a butt of every joke. He seems to take some pride in helping in the process of the collective ritual of public denigration of his presidency. One can sense something almost vindictive in his pursuit of the symbolic self.

Trump’s conduct is a suicide from the ambush. What in the one-dimensional space of his subjectivity appears as logically obscure suddenly becomes transparent once the real and the symbolic are identified and separated. His presidency represents a rebellion of the hysterical person against his symbolic persona, an attempt of Donald Trump the citizen to take out Donald Trump the president — an assassination of the symbolic self – a desire to re-attach phallus to the body.

Politics, economics, society, and collective reality are temporarily suspended as the public is caught in this spectacle of self-annihilation. No one knows how to react, because this play has never been played before. Such intrapersonal conflicts and battles normally take place in the privacy of the analyst’s office, away from the public eye. We are now watching its premier in real time.

As Immanuel Wallerstein remarked in his June commentary, Trump equates his presidential position with being the most powerful individual in the worldFor him, the main priority is to stay in the office as long as possible (everything else is secondary). True.

And, this will go on until real Donald Trump scores a victory by firing his symbolic self and when, at the end, there is only one of them standing — real Donald Trump.

Trump has converted our political and social reality into a reality show featuring his personal encounter with his symbolic persona as the main (and possibly the only) attraction. It is no wonder that people have felt violated from his first day in office. His presidency is a subversion of our experience of reality. His desire for self-annihilation will drag everyone into the vortex of the Vanishing Point. From there we will be able to imagine what the world looks like in our absence, and to see beyond the end and beyond the subject.

[1] S. Žižek, How to read Lacan, (2007) W. W. Norton & Co.

[2] ibid.



2 comments on “‘In The End, Only One Of Them Will Be Left Standing’: Trump Vs. Trump

  1. That’s a lot of very sophisticated verbiage – just to say Trump is his own ass hat, and a hat that he has shit in repeatedly – even while wearing it.

    Most American’s of average or above intelligence are really tired of, if not exhausted from being unwilling participants in the Trump Silly Circus and can’t wait until his Republican enablers (also ass hats) have no other choice, but the unavoidable removal of this mental incompetent clown from the Office of President of the United States – as the oath they swore to and the Constitution requires. The longer they wait the more investigations that will be launched into to why Republican leadership did not remove Trump sooner.

    • Anonymous

      Yes Dugger, what you said and not to mention most of the general ‘hate trump’ public has already decided to castrate the republicans for letting this continue. They should all get their resumes updated; many of them will not be back when their turn at re-election comes up. The longer this mess continues, the bigger the blow-back will be!

      – Murphy

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