Economist, TIME Eviscerate Trump With Shocking Cover Images

As we put it months and months ago...

Allow us to introduce these images by simply reminding you of what we said months and months ago when “the Trump train” started to go off the rails in earnest:

Feel free to go down with the ship, but don’t delude yourself into thinking this ship isn’t sinking.

Judging by the commentary we’ve seen strewn about the alt-Right blogosphere, a whole lot of Trump’s apologists seem to still think there’s a way out of this. Spoiler alert: there isn’t. 

And while voters will be able to salvage some shred of dignity by telling themselves they were deceived by a dishonest campaign, the mouthpieces that have pushed a racist, bigoted, xenophobic message to their readers won’t have the same luxury. They will lose any semblance of legitimacy they had and their readership will be reduced to the basest of the base – to the least common denominator.

With that, we present the following with no further comment because obviously, none is necessary…



3 comments on “Economist, TIME Eviscerate Trump With Shocking Cover Images

  1. Anonymous

    Both covers are excellent! TIME is so subtle that trump will not even see it! Good stuff!

    – Murphy

  2. It’s a really terrific salute
    He’s a great guy
    fantastic guy

    I’m tired of winning


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