And A Nation Wept

"On Tuesday, he removed any doubt."

"On Tuesday, he removed any doubt."
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11 comments on “And A Nation Wept

  1. Badger says:

    It is abundantly clear that the H would much rather add jet fuel to the fire!
    Rather than attempt to be a voice of reason.
    I am in no way defending our president, but this would have been a perfect opportunity for the H to be above the fray.
    But hey what the heck let’s all hollow around in the mud/incriminate

  2. d. dugger. says:

    Jeffery Toobin made an interesting observation on CNN this afternoon, that turned a few heads. He said that like most he predicted that Trump would lose the election. He said that he clearly misjudged the number of people that would vote for the sort of man Trump was known to be (including is well documented white supremacist leanings.). So, Toobin’s observation was, maybe we’re all misjudging the number of people that think like Trump and want Trump to stay in office today – even after the white supremacist and neo-Nazi enabling support Trump has continually provided in recent days. Maybe we just don’t know a lot of the people in this country. Trump didn’t get a majority, but he almost did.more

    I think Toobin is wrong, but we will know in a few days – depending on how many Republicans run screaming from Donald J. Trump – the first neo-Nazi President of the US and his continuing enabling of his neo-Nazi supporters. As H has said, Trump has left no doubt as to who he is and that he supports white nationalism and all its fellow travelers, not only including the odious Mr. Bannon, but the KKK and neo-Nazis as well. Now we’ll see who the Republicans really are.

  3. I suspect that the people who support Trump, for the most part, neither read the Post nor share its uncompromising stance against Nazism.

    Most of them, after all, also think the 2020 elections should be suspended to give the President more time to root out the Clinton voting conspiracy.

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