Ivanka Trump Thinks Maybe Murderous Nazi Rallies Are Bad After All

Listen, here’s the thing: Donald Trump is going down with the white supremacist ship and he’s not terribly interested in your opinion on the matter.

Yes, a large contingent of Klan members, neo-Nazis, and just plain old, traditional Nazis held a massive rally in Charlottesville on Saturday.

And yes, they were mostly Trump supporters.

And yes, they turned the college town into a combination of “Christine” and Black Hawk Down, as late- model Dodge Challengers went rogue and police choppers fell out of the sky, while the former Grand Wizard of the KKK said, on national television, that everyone was just “fulfilling the promises of Donald Trump.”

And finally, yes, there are apparently pictures of Donald Trump with some of the folks who got into a torch fight in front of a statue of Thomas Jefferson on Friday evening.

But look, all of that aside, “it got great ratings, ok?”

And it demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Trump still has a support base that is figuratively and literally “fired” up, “locked and loaded,” and ready to kill a motherfucker for this President.

So in a way, what we saw on Saturday was the very definition of “tremendous” patriotism – “a lot of people are saying that.”

So you know, look at it from the President’s perspective.

Well, as it turns out, Ivanka is ready to go out on a limb and say that murderous Nazi parades aren’t something we should generally be excited about as a nation. Here’s what she said this morning:


Thanks, Ivanka. Especially considering your husband is Jewish.

Do note, however, that if too many people with the last name “Trump” start speaking out against white nationalists, your dad will lose the support of the only people that are still answering “yes” to the survey question: “do you approve of the job the President is doing?”



4 comments on “Ivanka Trump Thinks Maybe Murderous Nazi Rallies Are Bad After All

  1. On August 5, 2017, an IED, a bomb, was thrown at Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. The explosion occurred in the Center’s Imam’s office around 5:05 a.m., Saturday, five minutes after the first morning prayer had begun. Dozens of people were inside during the incident, though no one were injured. Those present describe the office that contained the explosion as having broken and burned furniture.

    in response, WH spokesperson Sebastian Gorka (talk about a danger to the US) spoke on national television about the matter. Asked for Destructo’s comment, Gorka stated there would be no comment until after the investigation was over. Yesterday, Destructo blamed both sides without waiting for any investigation to be conducted or having first hand evidence presented, and in doing so convicted counter protesters in the eyes of the world. It’s obvious to all why he did that.

    This morning the WH drags out the first daughter, a converted Orthodox Jew, to opine that there should be no place in society for hate groups as if we are to believe she speaks for Destructo. Oh, please, go back to your contracted sweat shops and install air conditioners and provide decent wages.

    Nobody with any sense gives a crap about what she has to say on this subject or any subject for that matter. Her comments are a vein attempt to counterbalance Destructo for (1) having provided cover for the hate groups and (2) wrongfully convicting those who dared to protest the worst of our society and the sick messages they utter.

  2. Let the first daughter get off her throne and go visit Mary, a protestor who survived being hit by the car that mowed into the protestors. She was cut through to the bone. A “gray Dodge Challenger barrelled towards them, swerving “off the main road and onto the side road where people were marching,” Mary said. The car was going fatally fast, 40 miles an hour by her estimate. “It came so fast I didn’t really see what happened, but I saw people’s bodies flying,” Mary said. “The car hit me in the leg. I got a really deep laceration. It cut through to the bone. I fell onto the roof, and they backed up, at which point I rolled off the hood onto a sea of people. I saw blood, bloody noses, scrapes and bruises.”

    Or, perhaps she should go the funeral of the woman who was killed and hand over a $5,000,000.00 check for the family’s loss which resulted from her father’s having emboldened hate groups to come out like Hitler’s Brown Shirted thugs to take to the streets to kill and maim.


  3. Am still in Berlin (where it all started long ago). This is a great article you wrote. Trump brings the best in both of us 🙂

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  4. In my 9:41am comment I made reference to Sebastian Gorka, a Trump WH spokesman. For those not acquainted with this Russia’s useful idiot and white hate groups’ mouthpiece, today’s 10-12 AM EST, segment from MSNBC’s AM-JOY, presented this:

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