Video: This Is The Moment When Trump Refused To Denounce White Nationalism

Never has a President said so much by saying nothing.

Here is the moment when Donald Trump, in the wake of violent protests attended by the KKK and protesters waving Nazi flags (literally), refuses to denounce white nationalism when given the opportunity:


And in case the White House edits that (which they very well might), here it is again:

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that is absolutely egregious.

All he had to do was say “no.” A simple, one-word response would have sufficed.

But this is what it’s come to for Trump. His base is abandoning him and, not wanting to alienate one of the only constituencies that still unambiguously supports his agenda, he simply couldn’t bring himself to definitively say that he wants no part of the poisonous message being propagated by the alt-Right.

Never has a President said so much by saying nothing.

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4 comments on “Video: This Is The Moment When Trump Refused To Denounce White Nationalism

  1. Anonymous

    yeah, I watched him give his bullshit phony speech, expressing his horror at the riot in Virginia — when he got to the ad lib he inserted… hate “on both sides” — he gave it away. He will not tell them to not support him. He wants their vote and their support. He is a lying two faced bigot pig.

    And when I see him talk about the Vets and how great they are and how much they have suffered through dealing with their health and the horrible veterans admin healthcare (and it is!) and how it angers him for that to happen… I hear what he said about John McCain who sat as a Prisoner of War for 5 ½ years and trump said he was only a hero because he got captured and he likes soldiers who did not get captured and he said it with a nasty smug smile on his face. Remember that? That tells you who this MONSTER really is and not that phony standing at the podium with that pretentious sad voice. He has never apologized for the horrible words he said about McCain.

    – Murphy

  2. Curt A Tyner

    “Mein Fuhrer” is telling his base “don”t worry I’ll cover for you” just don’t go, it’s a love story. Bannon is asking “Why There Was Only 3 Dead”, whats wrong with my Nazi’s base. National Inquirer headline, “Trump Stands Tall In The Face Of Fierce Fighting”. Paul Ryan denounces hardly anything in a “lilly white” statement. NRA: “Where Are The Guns We Sold You”. Some republicans are hiding, some are praying for forgiveness, some are just plain guilty. Pence still won”t go into a room where single women reside,WTF. Lots of praying but NO standing up for your country. All you religious folks out there, “The Baby Jesus Is Pissed Right Now”, get your sh*t together.

  3. Dan Gabella

    One word: cocksucker! Sorry for the profanity.

  4. Anonymous

    The Mooch! hahaha! I bet Bannon recoils when he hears those words! hahaha! Sometimes you have to use the only words that really express your feelings. btw, did I hear correctly that The Mooch is making an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show Monday night? The real Mooch or one of Colbert’s characters? If it is the real Mooch, you gotta say that takes guts – Colbert has really burned him! hahaha!

    – Murphy

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