Trump Calls Guam, Congratulates Them On Expected ‘Tenfold’ Increase In Nuclear Tourism

I will say I hate it. I will be honest with you. I hate taking these people. I guarantee you they are bad. That is why they are in prison right now. They are not going to be wonderful people who go on to work for the local milk people. -- Donald Trump to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in January  The President of the United States actually said that to another world leader just days after assuming the most powerful office in the world. Now you'd certainly think it would be impo

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11 thoughts on “Trump Calls Guam, Congratulates Them On Expected ‘Tenfold’ Increase In Nuclear Tourism

  1. He is a complete psychopath and he must be REMOVED FROM OFFICE and until then the military is not allowed to respond to anything he says. His behavior is outrageous. This whole thing is a game to him. Clueless bastard! Congress cannot sit and do nothing! SHUT THIS DOWN.

    – Murphy

  2. Murphy, I agree with every thing you said. However, if you expect a spineless Republican Congress – basically people cut from the same political, moral and psychological cloth as Trump – we’re going to have a long wait. Republican’s have “shit (Trump) in their own hats” as they say in the south – and now they’ll wear the stain and stink of that shit (Trump) – forever.

    1. D. – yep. And aside from my rants on this blog that serve no purpose other than makes me feel better and misery knows company and moral support… I also send emails to senators in my state, every month. The same words to each of them. Got nothing for two months. Then a ‘thank you’ for your email and be assured we appreciate you. bullshit form letters. I continue to receive newsletters every month from both and I continue to respond with words along these lines: I will NEVER vote for any republican for any office as long as I am alive and I can guarantee you that all of my friends are doing the same. You must get off your lazy greedy ass and take the steps required to remove this MONSTER from our WhiteHouse. If you do not do your job and instead just stand around watching the destruction of our Nation, you will find yourself unemployed with a rotten work history. You will be marked for life. You may be asking a Democrat for one of those “hand outs” you constantly lie about! Do your job and remove DONALD TRUMP FROM OFFICE.

      Based on the very lengthy ‘form letter’ I got yesterday (email with my name this time!) I think they are getting thousands of complaints. I have no plans to quit and I will be sending my typical response to this new email I got yesterday from Cornyn. Just for the record, my emails to Cruz are much worse – even chiding him for being a pussy and backing down when trump said his wife was ugly and now supporting the fucker etc. I have called them both rich worthless bottom feeders … pond scum … reprehensible example of public servant … lowlife liars … and I have continually assured them that I am loud and proud. And I will not quit.

      p.s. based on the clock, time on your posting, you are on east coast — based on my senators, I am in the south that you refer to. 🙂

      – Murphy

      1. Bravo, Murphy, you a Real American!! KEEP STICKIN IT TO CRUZ, CORNYN and DESTRUCTO, who seek to undermine democratic foundations of the USA!!

        Yet, I disagree with you as to this: “aside from my rants on this blog that serve no purpose.” No purpose?! All rants against Trump and their acolytes serve a purpose. The exercise of First Amendment rights against those who would inflict tyranny and violate the rights of others is the essence of our democracy.

        When others read or hear your heart felt words, many are emboldened and encouraged to do the same. And they in turn do the same for others. In a sense, it is the manner by which those who help found this country relied upon the equivalent of 18th Century’s “going viral:” by word of mouth and the writings of those who felt the way you do and but did not fear expressing their opinions. Keep up the great work!

      2. It wasn’t until the American public flooded Congress with letters, that the shit-for-brains republican representatives realized they had to get rid of Nixon. Everyone who isn’t a white racist must flood their representatives with emails.

  3. Hahaha, a psychopath, Murphy!!? He must be that as well!! Narcissus wouldn’t know what to make of him!

    it’s hard to imagine one person having so many personality disorders. The DSM-5 sets forth 10 categories of personality disorders (PD) and places them into 1 of 3 groups.

    Group 1: odd, bizarre and eccentric = Paranoid PD, Schizoid PD, Schizotypal PD

    Group 2: dramatic and erratic = Antisocial PD, Borderline PD, Histrionic PD, Narcissistic PD

    Group 3: anxious and fearful = Avoidant PD, Dependent PD, Obsessive-compulsive PD

    Now tell me, which Group or PD does Destructo not appear to fit into?

    BTW, psychopathy falls within Group 2, dramatic and erratic, Antisocial PD, which is characterized by a person who says screw social rules and obligations, is quite irritable and aggressive, acts impulsively, lacks guilt, fails to learn from experience; and, get this, has no difficulty finding relationships, but difficulty in retaining them; and can appear superficially charming as does the so-called ‘charming psychopath’. However, these relationships are filled with conflict, disordered, confused, stormy, uncontrolled and brief.
    As in: B-r-i-e-f.

    Often Antisocial PD is the mental disorder most closely correlated with crime, so he is likely to have a criminal record or a history of being in and out of prison. Hopefully this portends the future.

    1. Marty, I am completely unleashed and full of rage this morning; the white supremacist riot in Virginia are trump voters and maybe ever worse (those with felony convictions who are not allowed to vote). Also, a few cups’acoffee as fuel – and two chocolate donuts.

      SO, did you see Rachel Maddow last night? As always, it was very good BUT there was one segment that really got my attention and is most likely the reason I woke up already enraged. Extremely interesting, kinda an exposé of his financial criminal activity could easily put his ass in prison. Here, let me save you the trouble:

      So, I think the Mueller investigation has trump looking for “cover” and by causing a world uproar with his bullshit war threats to N. Korea, Venezuela, and even Cuba, he is trying to keep his base alive and detract from what is about to hit his flabby ass! He works hard and tweets and actually faces the media in person (!) and congrats Guam on all the tourist attracting publicity (!) and refuses call from the Venz president, makes no comment on the Virginia riot (afterall, those are his people), leaves China hanging as to what he has in store from them on Monday. Of course, he could be on the golf course right now since his wife tweeted a comment about the riot of hate. Oh and Pence just tweeted he supports the President. dumbass.

      – Murphy

  4. MARTY, let’s not stop there…there was an incredible story from Maddow that begs more attention. Several parts…first, her commentary about the “crazy memo” that landed in Jr.’s hands and he took it to his daddy and that made daddy love him even more than he loves eric. So, when you read the link, you will find links inside the story – the actual “crazy memo” is on the link, words of “published the memo”. That will open a new story – “Here’s the Memo that Blew Up the NSC”. The memo is published just a few sentences from the beginning of the article, in a little sliding screen (right arrow to slide down) and 7 pages on bottom arrows. No further comments from me are required. Oh, don’t miss the opening from Maddow that indicates it all came from Flynn who Trump continues to tell us is a fine man, a good man who was treated unfairly. Yeah.

    – Murphy

    1. Murphy, I watched it last evening which caused me to find this page which lists all the attorneys she mentioned as well as a menu of ‘some’ of what’s on the table. I recall the story she reported of Destructo’s fraudulent bookkeeping-film flaming of NYC after the audit which found he had conned the city of out $2.8 million by using two sets of books, then disappearing evidence of the books, is an example of his modus operandi of keeping. The your psychopath in action. Why he wasn’t indicted I’ll never know. No wonder you were completely unleashed and full of rage this morning!!

      1. YES and now, the icing on his chocolate cake is he so smug and not appearing too concerned because he has that Presidential Pardon that he can use. How’s that for the lowest scum on earth, the shit on the bottom of my shoes, the pus in the abscess on his flabby ass.

        And now he is making a lying speech about how long this kind of HATE has been going on in America. Like he has no responsibility for it. Phony Asshole.

        – Murphy

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