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Compare And Contrast: Charlottesville Response Edition

For the umpteenth time on Saturday, we ask: "any questions, America?"

Compare and contrast…




For the umpteenth time on Saturday, we ask: “any questions, America?”

Oh, and by the way: don’t say she didn’t warn you…




3 comments on “Compare And Contrast: Charlottesville Response Edition

  1. Anonymous

    Listening to a few of trump’s fellow repubs “debate” with a few reporters on CNN and some political opponents who are not happy with his phony “how tragic” speech and his lack of emphatic disapproval of the KKK crowd really made me angry! His fellow repubs don’t agree there are missing pieces of his stupid bullshit speech and they will stand there and lie and argue that we are just looking for ways to continue to hate him. Barely a few repubs made statements of shock and anger! This attack and murder was not very different than what happened in London a couple months ago; remember the outrage from trump?

    It is infuriating to be told it’s our imagination to believe that he is not really remorseful. It is a disgrace for them to defend his behavior and highly insulting for them to turn it around and criticize us! Not even 7 months yet – add this day to his long list of failures to date – and the Lord only knows what will happen with N Korea.

    Congress, are you all dead or just dumb?

    – Murphy

  2. Anonymous

    It is a wake up call that we have this ilk of personality in large numbers. This isn’t some issue that is solved without effective leadership on many levels. And it is big time fodder for cynics.

  3. Curt A Tyner

    Damn fu*king right we were warned, time and again much of our media collected fat $$$$’s for covering this assh*le giving him millions of $$$’s in free attention that obviously he didn’t deserve. This fool is dangerous to everyone on this planet. How many times does he have to prove it to you fu*king stupid republicans before you take him to the loony farm. This is sick stuff and I would NOT doubt for a minute that fu*khead loves it and laughs at all the chaos he is causing. This is not over not by a long shot.

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