FBI Conducted Predawn Raid Of Paul Manafort’s Home

Oh, good.

While Trump is busy trying to distract America with the greatest diversion of all (the specter of nuclear war), the FBI is continuing to close in on his associates.

And if there’s anything Trump probably didn’t want to hear this morning as he touts his mighty nuke arsenal on Twitter, it’s this:


That’s right folks, Mueller’s team conducted a surprise raid on Manafort late last month.

You remember Paul, right? He was the campaign chairman that “played a very limited role”:


Well as it turns out, Mueller wants to know more about that “role” and maybe a little bit about just how “limited” it was.

“FBI agents raided the Alexandria home of President Trump’s former campaign chairman late last month, using a search warrant to seize documents and other materials,” WaPo reports, citing people familiar with the special counsel investigation.

And this sounds like it was anything but friendly:

Federal agents appeared at Paul Manafort’s home without advance warning in the predawn hours of July 26, the day after he met voluntarily with the staff for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The search warrant was wide-ranging and FBI agents working with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III departed the home with various records.

Between this and the grand jury, we have one question for Donald Trump and his surrogates: do you still think this is going to just “go away”?



4 thoughts on “FBI Conducted Predawn Raid Of Paul Manafort’s Home

  1. Mr. Mueller, you are our hope for saving this nation. Thank you.

    And hurry, please.

    Deplorables think Trump will deport immigrants and brown ppl from our country. They think he will get rid of Obamacare, which, ironically, will hurt most of clown car supporters. Under Obamacare, my previously unaffordable premium is now down to 90 dollars per month. My car insurance is down to 25 dollars per month (from Insurance Panda). My homeowners is $25/month too. Under Trump, expect inflation and massive price hikes across the board.

    This ship is sinking faster than Trump’s approval rating. Trump’s cover-up is getting smaller than his hands too. All these blind Trump supporters wanna do is complain about the media. Please, I’ve seen kids that whine less.

  2. Probable Cause is the key here.

    So, let’s all remember that the search warrant used by the FBI was issued by a Federal Judge. The Judge must read an affidavit(s) sworn to by a FBI agent(s). The affidavit(s) must contain articulated FACTS which when taken together establish that PROBABLE CAUSE exists to lead a reasonable person to believe that certain property described in the affidavit is contraband, is stolen, or constitutes evidence of a crime. Once the Judge makes that finding the FBI agents are given their warrant to search. So, the FBI swore to facts which established that inside Manafort’s home there was property such as computers, papers, documents, a safe with items in it, etc., that in some fashion has a nexus to or constitutes evidence of certain crimes which crimes the affiant would list and would show how the evidence relates to the crimes.

    The bottom line is that at this level a judicial finding was made that PROBABLE CAUSE exists to lead a reasonable person to believe that certain property described in the affidavit is either contraband, is stolen, or constitutes evidence of a crime, and my bet is that it constitutes evidence of a crime.

  3. WOO HOO! something sure got their attention – they didn’t just ask him for clarification! They know something is hidden and they are after it. Please, please, please let it lead directly to trump.

    – Murphy

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