Trump Says Blumenthal Is History’s Worst ‘Phony’ Who ‘Cries And Begs Like A Child’

Good morning, America!

Your President is up (fairly) early and he’s got a veritable laundry list of things he wants to tell you about.

Of course as usual, most of it is outright lies and all of it sounds like it walked out of a teenager’s text messages.

First of all, The NY Times is still “failing” because apparently, this is what “failure” looks like these days:


Just to be clear, Trump has been the best thing that ever happened to The New York Times – although he doesn’t realize it.

Also, he wants to remind you (again) that he won the election and that the NYT got his “big win” wrong, was forced to “apologize” and that they are “inept” (a word he learned this morning).

Next up he needs you to understand that all the polling is “phony fake news.”

In other words, this visual isn’t real – even though it’s the average of all the polls:


Additionally, the list of “fake news” now includes quite literally every major news network in the country (so the entire media is the enemy):

  • CNN
  • ABC
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • NY Times
  • WaPo

Also don’t forget “,” which Trump called “fake news” last week.

Finally, he’s not in New Jersey to vacation, he’s only there because there are “long planned renovations” going on at 1600 Pennsylvania. So quit it with the vacation jokes.

Oh, and Richard Blumenthal is a “phony, Vietnam con artist” who has “lied and/or defrauded voters” more than anyone “in U.S. history” and is in the habit of “crying like a baby” and “begging for forgiveness like a child.”

Now read these (all out this morning) and tell me who the “crying” “child” is in this equation…





2 thoughts on “Trump Says Blumenthal Is History’s Worst ‘Phony’ Who ‘Cries And Begs Like A Child’

  1. If this was a battle of who is the biggest phony – no competition there! Trump wins. And he will be historically remembered for his infamous life of lying and cheating and conning his way into the WH. I am hoping his ‘phony’ presidency will end in criminal charges at best or impeachment at least.

    Begging? hahaha! That phone conversation with Mexico President puts Trump as the winner again! His habit of name-calling and disrespectful behavior is worse than any 4 yr old child. He is nothing more than a bully and his greatest joy in life is humiliating and hurting people. A despicable man.

    – Murphy

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