Chart Of The Day: ‘100% Confident’

Chart Of The Day: ‘100% Confident’

Ok, well it's official: investors simply cannot get any more bullish. According to the latest readings on Yale's one-year investor confidence indices (so, percentage of respondents who think stocks will be higher a year from now), both the "smart" money and the "dumb" money are now 100% confident that nothing can go wrong (basically - the individual survey is at 98.92): Specifically, the indices measure this: "the percent of the population expecting an increase in the Dow in the coming year.
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15 thoughts on “Chart Of The Day: ‘100% Confident’

  1. Seems to me, risks have never been higher. This bubble is much bigger than the the one that ended in 2008.
    Almost all financial assets are way overpriced.

    Then again, I would have said the same thing 2 years ago.

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