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ANTIFA Vs. ‘Free Speech’ers: Who Are The Real ‘Nazis’ Here?

Methinks maybe the cartoon has the roles reversed...

An absurd cartoon has been making the rounds this week.

Simply put, it equates ANTIFA’s clashes with participants in Right-wing “free speech” rallies with beatings by the brown shirts.

So I thought, in the interest of once again exposing the rather ugly truth, that I would juxtapose that cartoon with an actual advertisement for the Boston “free speech” rally that took place back in May.

Ok, so here is the cartoon (his e-mail is on there, so you know, “feel free”):


Now here is an actual, online advertisement for the May “free speech” rally in Boston:


That is not altered in any way, shape, or form. That is, “yes,” Hitler is actually down there in the bottom right-hand corner and not only that, he even moves when you scroll, so there’s no getting rid of him.

So when it comes to the Reich comparisons, methinks maybe the cartoon has the roles reversed.

You decide.


For anyone who missed it, here is our fall-in-the-floor funny recap of that May rally in Boston…

Right, so on Saturday, a conservative group held a “free speech rally” in Boston.

Here’s a quick summary from The Boston Globe:

“A conservative group’s free speech rally on Boston Common Saturday triggered a counter-protest by a progressive anti-fascist group, with hundreds of screaming supporters separated by a line of police officers.

Boston Free Speech supporters promoted the afternoon rally as a gathering where “Libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberals, or anyone else who supports Trump or just hates leftists are encouraged to attend,” according to an online posting.

Yes, “according to an online posting.”

I decided to have a look at that “online posting” and predictably, it is fucking hilarious. 

Have a look:


Now there are a whole lot of notables (and quotables) in there, but perhaps the best is this one, listed under the “DOs and DONTs” section:

DO NOT: Come to this event if you’re a skinhead or plan to act like one. If you are a skinhead, dress like a normie, but assist during skirmishes.

Right. “DO NOT: come to this event if you’re a skinhead or plan to act like one.”

While I generally don’t care for skinheads, I have to say that if you’re a skinhead and you’re getting mixed messages from the post shown above, you’ll be forgiven. After all, there’s a cutout of Hitler in the bottom right-hand corner (who moves when you scroll no less). So you know, if I’m a skinhead, I’m thinking: “How are you going to tell me I’m not welcome when Adolf is down there saying something different? I mean after all, isn’t he the ultimate authority here?”

The rest of the “DOs and DONTs” are (almost) equally entertaining (particularly funny bits are bolded)…

Theres the list of recommended self-defense items:

…strong flags and sign poles, mace, helmets, shin guards, goggles, respirators, and other body armor.

Instructions on how to “make a patriotic shield” and a recommendation to bring a second shield so you can help “form [shield] squads”:

Make a Shield with a patriotic symbol on it (US Flag, Gadsden, etc). Make more than one shield to share and form squads. Make signs and (removably) attach them to your sticks/shields.

Then there’s this:

DO: Get a battle buddy!

And of course this:

Bring water and food to share to make friends.

Here’s a fun poster:


Finally, just to give you an idea of what kind of people showed up, here’s a clip of some “patriots” in MAGA hats beating in a new member…

A regular “meeting of the minds” it was.



7 comments on “ANTIFA Vs. ‘Free Speech’ers: Who Are The Real ‘Nazis’ Here?

  1. I’m critical of extremists on the right and left: Both resort to intimidation and violence. Political solutions can be found through compromise in the center. We’ll get there, but it will be an ugly process.

  2. People must understand that the evil that lies in the hearts and minds of humans do not change from century to century or millennia to millennia because we live in modern times. The hearts and minds of these wretched animals are no different than those who lined up behind the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Suharto, Hussein, and the rest. Whatever the cause for their arrival, these hate group members are the most dangerous to a civilized society. They pose the highest risk of murder, maiming, battery, anarchy, chaos and destruction because they attract like kind which attract like kind infinitum until they are stopped.

    That 33% that will not let go of Trump? i submit that amongst the 33% there’s a large number of people who although not all members of hate groups, but who share common values, beliefs or views such as disdain or hate for colored people, immigrants, LBGT, Jews, Asians, government, science, police, true free speech and constitutional protections and rights.

    • Anonymous

      …and his speech in W Virginia couple nights ago was written and spoken to encourage his dwindling base cult to stir up their inbred hate and draw them to protest the government who is treating him and his family so badly with this “witch hunt” that is intended to take away what they voted for and cheat them out of his desire and service as their president. His mocking comments “do you see any Russians here” and the like were on their level of arguments. He is hoping to see a large protest against Mueller/government when he and his administration is forced to trial or resignation. And his base hang on to him even while hearing the phone conversations and transcripts that clearly out him as a liar and a con…but only what is shown on FOX and the likes of that news source.

      – Murphy

  3. Anonymous

    ‘if you are a real deal skinhead try to not look or act like it but if we the 4chan gamer nerds start getting our ass kicked then please help’

  4. Curt A Tyner

    Me thinks you are correct and anyone who thinks this is just a few people being silly, you are sorely mistaken!! The “instigator in chief” must go, and quickly.

    • Anonymous

      100% correct, Curt! Him and his buddies, Hannity and Alex Jones and that Judge whatshername and a few more are really working hard the last week or so to encourage an “uprising” without being too obvious about
      it; slyly spreading the word. The faces of the people at that WV ego rally were angry. He is redirecting their frustration with his failures by telling them the government is the reason he cannot succeed in his promises. Telling them the government and the Democrats are stealing their win when they elected him. And still blaming Hillary’s Democrats for causing the whole thing. These people are not just silly, they are dangerous in organized groups. I have a hard time believing the GOP will stand by and let this happen,

      – Murphy

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