The Trump Boomerang Effect

"For every malignant or bigoted action, there will be an opposite reaction."

********** Excerpted from a longer piece by Fred Hiatt for WaPo Did your head spin when Utah’s Orrin Hatch, a true conservative and the Senate’s longest-serving Republican, emerged last week as the most eloquent spokesman for transgender rights? Credit the Trump boomerang effect. Much has been said about White House dysfunction and how little President Trump has accomplished in his first six months. But that’s not the whole story: In Washington and around the world, in some surprising ways, things are happening — but they are precisely the opposite of what Trump wanted and predicted when he was sworn in. The boomerang struck first in Europe. Following his election last November, and the British vote last June to leave the European Union, anti-immigrant nationalists were poised to sweep to power across the continent. “In the wake of the electoral victories of the Brexit campaign and Donald Trump, right-wing populism in the rich world has appeared unstoppable,” the Economist wrote. Russian President Vladimir Putin would gain allies, the European Union would fracture. But European voters, sobered by the spectacle on view in Washington, moved the other way. In March,
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6 comments on “The Trump Boomerang Effect

  1. d. dugger. says:

    Excellent observations.

  2. Marty says:

    Here’s a Boomerang!! Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role!!!

    Trump, via Kelly, Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Marty — OK, all bets are off! hahaha!! Don’t ya know that Spicey is happier than anyone!

    – Murphy

  4. Marty says:

    Okay Murphy….but is Bannon or KellyAnn next?

    • Anonymous says:

      crap, now you are dangling an irresistible carrot because I despise both those people…I am gonna select Bannon — because if the General is calling the shots, he is aware that guy looks disrespectful in his appearance and he stands a bit too far “right” for the general public. Kellyanne is just a blonde bimbo who lies for whoever pays her the most.

      Spicey was in the audience today when assface presented the medal…wonder if Spicey will be back at the podium and if he would accept if it was offered? Was his “resignation” effective Aug 1, tommorrow?

      – Murphy

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