Undercutting Mueller: Are Trump’s Lawyers Abandoning America?

"They may be right. But they may not be as well."

"They may be right. But they may not be as well."
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15 comments on “Undercutting Mueller: Are Trump’s Lawyers Abandoning America?

  1. I don’t care why he resigned,

  2. If Trump used an enemy of the US as an enabler of his election as President, it isn’t much of a leap to think that he would commit equal or greater criminal and unethical acts to stay in office – just as he is. That the Republican leadership continues to support, aid, abet and enable Trump’s illegal acts has the potential to bring them under prosecution further down the road in some of the current Trump investigations. Joe Scarboro is right, Trump is not only killing the Republican Party – he’s well on his way to having their leadership indicted as his accomplices.


    Another Trump attack beginning with the words “anonymous sources” and “possible reasons”. Signature phrases for biased conjecture. I don’t care what this fool says either!

    • Nice post Philip…………..agreed!

      • It is easy to understand why sources would wish to be anonymous; many of us sign confidentiality agreements with employers and ‘whistleblower’ laws don’t help much. This does not mean the reports are true; or false just that they should not be dismissed simply because they are anonymous.

    • Anonymous

      PHILIP AND JACK: you two must be kidding yourselves! I lose count almost every day of how many times we hear your cult leader saying something like “People are saying….” or “someone told me ……” or “I just heard……” and other such phrases that fall out of his mouth! It is his way of putting forth a lie or a distortion or manipulating the truth! There are already several similar articles published that report the reason(s) that Corallo has resigned. Seems to be a combination of reasons and he reached his limit!

      One easy word, scruples — a moral or ethical consideration or standard that acts as a restraining force or inhibits certain actions. Clearly something that your cult leader does not have, does not know, and most likely cannot even spell. I suspect there will be other resignations as the orange jackass continues to attempt to discredit decent honest people as well as the entire United States of America.

      – Murphy

      • Yet, voters preferred him over Hillary. Imagine what voters thought of her. Send your definition of scruples to your former leader,Bill Clinton, and Monica.

  4. Anonymous

    SORRY, JACK: Voters did NOT prefer him. Hillary had 3 million more votes than orange ass did. You are obviously a dickhead, incapable of accepting truths. And your juvenile bullshit of throwing in Bill and Monica has absolutely nothing to do with orange ass not having any scruples. p.s. Bill was not MY former leader. He was your average lying cheating lowlife — gee, same character as the thrice married cheater currently in the White House. Imagine that.

    – Murphy

    • You sound mad. Makes the victory that more enjoyable. Your mom should put soap in your mouth. Hang in there only 7 1/2 yrs. to go.

      • Anonymous

        hahaha! No, not mad at all….. laughing at you as I typed my note. My mom passed away many years ago — I am in my 7th decade so most likely a lot older than you are …. and clearly smarter than you are! You are out of your mind if you seriously believe he will be in office even thru one term! BIG LAUGH ON THAT ONE! 🙂

        – Murphy

  5. Curt Tyner

    Well it is nice to have a couple of friends from Trumpland weigh in on these important issues. Gloating at people who dislike “Mein Fuhrer” is not really a discussion, just as me calling your savior, “Mein Fuhrer”. So in the spirit of discussion lets call him our president for now. Questions. What do you really think our president for now is going to do for you personally? How about our country? How about our middle class? How about our sick people? How about our elderly? How about our economy and humongous DEBT? How about our entanglements in the Middle East? How about our racial issues? How about our climate issues? On and on these issues and your concerns are not going away any time soon and we are not working on any of them. Because our president for now is embroiled in problems of his own making. His problems are our problems for now. Got any opinions for now?

    • Did you ask the Libtards in Obummerland first? We have all these problems? Why didn’t libtards fix them during the last 8 yrs.?

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