Asha Rangappa Presents: ‘Trump Jr. And The Curious Case Of The Multiplying Russians’

Ok, so we’re going to bring you the latest from former FBI counterintelligence agent, Associate Dean at Yale, and woman whose resume is infinitely better than yours, Asha Rangappa below, but first a quick note…

It is exceedingly unfortunate that “Asha” doesn’t rhyme with “homey.”

If it did, we’d make some shirts.

So although we can’t yet offer you any Asha apparel (at least until we figure out a laudatory and simultaneously colloquial rhyming catch phrase), what we can do is bring you her latest thoughts on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya.

As a reminder, we now know that meeting was attended by what amounted to an “FBI spotter” in the form of one Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Soviet spy who swears he’s now just a harmless “lobbyist” with no ties whatsoever to Russian intelligence (amusingly, he calls speculation that he’s got Kremlin ties a “smear campaign“).

Simply put, the more we learn about this meeting, the more it feels like we’re all Billy Peltzer spilling water on the back of a Mogwai.

God help us if Trump Jr. took any of those Russian Mogwais to dinner after midnight.

Of course Gremlins hate sunlight and Asha is just the person to open the blinds.

For those who missed her latest Op-Ed, you can find it here: ‘That’s When You Hang Up And Call The FBI’: Asha Rangappa On Trump Jr.

And without further ado, here are her thoughts from Friday…



2 thoughts on “Asha Rangappa Presents: ‘Trump Jr. And The Curious Case Of The Multiplying Russians’

  1. Asha seems to be mulling her prospects as a media personality. For intellect, I prefer Kurt Godel in that incompleteness is both a theme here, and a synopsis of the human condition

  2. just so you know…..that “anonymous” above is not me 🙂 I have tried several times to re-do my registration but that disqus thing won’t let me — so I now sign anything from me with – Murphy (which is my nickname). I point this out now because I disagree with that other Anonymous comment. 😉

    – Murphy

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