‘Red Handed’: Trump Jr. Makes The Cover Of TIME

Those who persist in perpetuating the absurd notion that everything we’ve learned about the Trump administration’s connections to the Kremlin is one giant coincidence have been backed into a corner this week by Donald Trump Jr. himself.

The e-mails he published on Twitter (not because he was trying to be “transparent” as he claimed, but because the NY Times had just informed him they were going to publish them anyway) quite literally spell out the collusion in terms you’d think anyone could understand. “I love it!,” for instance.

But the alt-Right is pot committed. There’s no walking it back now and there’s certainly no admitting that “yeah, this looks really bad.”

And while that’s understandable for those outlets (after all, they have to pay the bills and keep their benefactors happy), the sad part about it is that they don’t have to believe it to publish it. That is, there’s no way the smartest of the alt-Right profiteers believe this is all a coincidence. They know goddamn well what’s going on here.

But their readers don’t. Those poor folks have voted for Trump and are looking for anything they can find to help them dispel the creeping feeling that they may have been duped and that they’re being lied to.

C’est la vie, alt-Right. Just make sure you’ve got a good attorney.

Well anyway, the game is obviously up and if it isn’t yet, it’s getting there fast.

And with that, we present the new cover of TIME with no further comment…


Oh wait, one last comment… that’s a real TIME cover.

As opposed to the fake ones Donald Trump had made and hung at his golf courses…




4 thoughts on “‘Red Handed’: Trump Jr. Makes The Cover Of TIME

  1. Mr Hamm, I know you are correct! Time made me laugh like a crazy person this morning! I certainly love their sense of humor and I bet 60 million other people are also laughing like crazy right now! Just Perfect.

    – Murphy

  2. Oh dear,
    The trump’s have been trumped yet again. Can any one tell me when the hell is trump and his family going to be humiliated and brought to justice.
    I mean the evidence is right there you know by the CIAs and FBIs findings that he is as corrupt and slimy as they come.

    For Christ sakes America get your driving head out of the clouds and impeach this son of a bitch.

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