Images From Iran’s “Trump Cartoon and Caricature Contest”

In yet another testament to the notion that Donald Trump has become a standing international joke, Iran has just wrapped up a cartoon competition called “The International Trumpism Cartoon and Caricature Contest.”

The event was announced last month and is organized by the same group who ran similar contests on ISIS and the Holocaust (as WaPo notes, the latter “was designed to highlight double standards on free speech”). Here’s a bit more on that:

The same organizers held a Holocaust cartoon contest last year, which they said was meant to highlight Western double standards on free speech and not to cast doubt on the Nazi genocide.

The logo for the contest is based on the Nazi emblem, with a diagonal “T’’ in a white circle against a red background. One cartoon shows President Donald Trump painting a Hitler-like mustache on the face of the Statue of Liberty.

“Trump’s behavior clearly sets out Iran’s reasons to distrust the U.S.; consequently, we decided to use art’s capacity for displaying the behavior,” Ali-Asghar Jafari, the competition’s organizer said over the weekend, adding that “aside from his personal characteristics, Trump has also posed different challenges to the world and treats Iran and the Islamic world unconventionally in particular.”

It’s also worth noting that the exhibition displaying the cartoons included work from four American cartoonists, two of whom received awards. Over 1,600 people participated from 74 countries.

The winner (who received $1,500)  was one Hadi Asadi. Here’s his cartoon:


“I wanted to show the money-mindedness and warmonger nature [of Trump,]” he said.


Below, find some other fun visuals from the exhibition which opened on Monday. If you’re planning on being in Tehran this week, you can stop by and check it out…











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