Trump Tweets Video Of The Time He Clotheslined Vince McMahon, Tags It #FraudNewsCNN

"Modern presidential."

Ladies and gentlemen, we just plunged further into the Twilight Zone.

Last night, Donald Trump went on his second Twitter rant of the day when, just hours after attacking Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough again (this time calling Brzezinski “dumb as a rock”) and accusing multiple states of conspiring to cover up massive voter fraud, the President unleashed another dose of “covfefe”, on the way to explaining that his use of social media isn’t “presidential,” but rather “modern presidential.”


Then, he pinned this tweet:


Well, on Sunday morning he came back for more and it’s the most absurd Trump tweet in the history of Trump tweets – which is obviously saying something.

About 15 minutes ago, the President of the United States just tweeted a gif of the time he clotheslined Vince McMahon in a WWE wrestling match and he replaced McMahon’s head with a CNN logo. 

And yes, I am serious:

On the off chance he comes to his senses and deletes it, here’s the screengrab:



1 comment on “Trump Tweets Video Of The Time He Clotheslined Vince McMahon, Tags It #FraudNewsCNN

  1. It appears to that Vladimir Putin has won the 2016 US Presidential election “even if” one was to assume he had nothing to do with it’s outcome.

    America’s standing around the world has gone down the crapper. “Across the 37 countries surveyed in 2017, a median of only 22% say that they have at least some confidence in Trump to do the right thing regarding world affairs. Almost three-quarters (74%) have little to no confidence in the new U.S. leader.”

    “Trump’s greatest support in the current poll comes from Filipinos, 69% of whom say they have confidence in the U.S. president. Other publics in which more than half offer a positive opinion of him include a diverse array of countries such as Nigeria (58%), Vietnam (58%), Israel (56%) and Russia (53%).” So, his greatest support comes from countries where the public has demonstrated a penchant for leaders ranging from strongman to authoritarian to dictator. It’s quite a relief to know that Trump has some support around the world, eh?!

    Lest I be unfair, he does have strong support domestically amongst many – but not all – Republicans, and unanimous support amongst the KKK groups, White Supremacists, Aryan Nation, Neo-Nazis, and the vast number of hate groups that are now on the rise as a result of his having emboldened them with his open door policy. To get a grasp of their presence, take a look at the “917 Hate Groups … currently operating in the US,” which you can track on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Map, here:

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