Trump’s Father’s Day Message: It’s A Witch Hunt

Well, it’s Father’s Day and Donald Trump has kids, at least half of which are fully-functioning.

But he can’t enjoy himself on Sunday, and do you know why?

Because you keep asking if he and his son-in-law have been colluding with those fucking Russians – Russians who, at this point, it’s probably fair to say Trump wishes he had never met.

So instead of tweeting something about his children this morning (which he’ll get around to once he remembers all their names), he decided to kick Father’s Day off by reminding you that he’s the subject of “Witch Hunt” (and I’m still not sure that’s a proper noun despite how many times Trump capitalizes it):


Now for one thing, the #MAGA agenda is most assuredly not doing “very well.”

And Trump admits as much in his second tweet of the day when he notes that the three load-bearing pillars (infrastructure, healthcare, and tax cuts) haven’t happened yet.

He then cherry-picks a Rasmussen poll that he’s really proud of and it makes sense that he would single out that one, because here’s what the rest of them look like:


“Spot the outlier.”

None of the other polls are within a country mile of Rasmussen which means either everyone else is wrong, or Rasmussen is. I’ll let you make your own call on that.

Anyway, happy Father’s Day, Donald Trump. And do make sure and spend plenty of time with your son-in-law today. You want to keep him happy because there’s a very real chance that eventually, he’ll have to choose between going to prison himself or helping to put you in prison.


Bonus humor: here’s what those tweets would look like as official press releases…



5 comments on “Trump’s Father’s Day Message: It’s A Witch Hunt

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, I see 50% and above in that chart — every single poll — including Rasmussen! But he didn’t brag about that since they are all under the DISAPPROVAL column. What a toad!


    • John Watts

      Come on Murphy, obviously Trump isn’t the type of person to twist and misconstrue facts for his own agenda.

      • Anonymous

        well, John, ‘people are saying’ he only does that on days that end in a Y

        – Murphy

  2. S maltophilia

    Rasmussen never polls anyone who doesn’t know or care. They do have a unique methodology:

    • Anonymous

      Using your link, I found this:

      “…….Rasmussen has another issue: it does not actually perform its own polling. The dirty little secret behind Rasmussen is that it relies upon another firm, Pulse Opinion Research, for handling its real field-work (i.e., calling up people and running through the questions).” “……Rasmussen has outsourced its polling to outside groups since 2003, which reflects how its polling is becoming less and less accurate. Its polling methodology is also mired in a reliance upon land line telephones, which are now becoming more the exception than the rule. Its method to compensate — online polling — is easily manipulated. In the end, we must no longer consider Rasmussen a polling agency, but just another right-wing propaganda machine.”

      – Murphy

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