Trump Wakes Up, Makes Fun Of London Mayor, Reveals Attackers Used “Knives & Trucks!”

As noted earlier Sunday morning, Donald Trump wasn’t “running, hiding, and telling” during last night’s terror attacks in London.

No, instead Trump had his own action plan. It’s called: “run, grab phone, retweet Matt Drudge.”

That’s right folks, the President of the United States eschewed not only the entire universe of credible news outlets following the story but apparently (based on the timeline) didn’t even wait for his own security briefing before doing this:


It apparently occurred to him some two hours later that he should tweet something generic expressing support for the UK in the country’s time of need:


But don’t think for a second that Trump didn’t wake up Sunday morning and completely fuck that up because just minutes ago he said this:


So by “whatever we can do to help out in London” actually means “whatever I can tweet to advance my Muslim ban, even if that means making fun of the Mayor of London for trying to keep people calm.

And then there was this:


Now I’m sure he meant that as some kind of jab at gun control advocates but again, what’s his fucking point? Why tweet that?

It sounds like it was copy/pasted straight off some alt-Right blogger’s Twitter feed.

Oh, wait. Now it makes sense.



3 comments on “Trump Wakes Up, Makes Fun Of London Mayor, Reveals Attackers Used “Knives & Trucks!”

  1. Can you imagine the carnage if the perpetrators had been able to use automatic assault weapons instead of knives?? This is an awful tragedy but thank God the UK has gun controls or this could have been even worse.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if there were no guns, the world would be safe and we could all just sit around singing kumbaya.

      • But there are – so it’s important to make sure that they’re in hands that are suitably qualified

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