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Video: Mike Pence Can’t Understand Why “This Issue Of Climate Change” Is Such A Big Deal

"For some reason"...

Right, so on Thursday Donald Trump decided that he wanted the United States to join Syria and Nicaragua on the (very) short list of countries not on board with the Paris Accord and in doing so, he ensured that the planet Earth will no longer be a lazy freeloader that leeches off hard-working Americans.

As WaPo’s Alexandra Petri explained it:

Before Earth asks us to step up and help protect it, it should take stock of its own contributions. There is, frankly, a lot of waste there. It has flourished too long without cuts, and now it is time to pay the piper.


After all, Trump “was elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris”…

One person who doesn’t necessarily concur is the Mayor of Pittsburgh, who tweeted this in response:

But fuck him, right? What does he know about Pittsburgh?

Well as if all of this wasn’t absurd enough already, Mike Pence took it up a notch when, in an interview with Fox News, he seemed to be incredulous when it comes to the fact that a lot of people are concerned about “this issue of climate change.”

Listen below and remember: this man will in all likelihood be the President sometime in the next four years…


2 comments on “Video: Mike Pence Can’t Understand Why “This Issue Of Climate Change” Is Such A Big Deal

  1. Anonymous

    First, as the Pittsburgh Mayor also said yesterday, 80% of his city voted for Hillary. hahaha!

    Secondly, the good Christian Pence obviously drinking Trump’s special kool-aid. He most likely will be the next president when Trump is in jail – does not mean he will remain as president. The President of United States works FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Best he takes a lesson and learns it now. He’s an ass-kisser and a liar, proven in the Mike Flynn mess when he pretended and stated he didn’t know about Flynn’s contacts with Russia. Flat out lie. Trump chose him as the VP because Trump felt sure he could push him around and do as he was told. He was right about that! Then they all lied and made up the bullshit story of Flynn was fired “for lying to the VP” – needed an excuse to cover Trump’s ass for ignoring the security issues and warnings about Flynn. Those jackasses are NOT smarter than the people of America.

    The issue of climate change was discussed many times during the campaign. There is no way Pence or anyone else should think it was not an important issue. Idiots and Fools all over the WH. They all gotta go.

    – Murphy

  2. Curt A Tyner

    For some reason Mr. Pence, you are an idiot.

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