Dear America: “Something Is Not Right!”

Dear America: “Something Is Not Right!”

One of the most disturbing things about what's unfolded in America over the past year is the extent to which large swaths of the electorate have been mind-fucked by what, until 2015 anyway, was a largely irrelevant ideology espoused only by a handful of internet profiteers and believed only by those who exhibited a predisposition to paranoia. To be sure, Fox News has always been something of an Achilles heel for America in terms of the network's i) deliberate efforts to exploit the uneducated
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4 thoughts on “Dear America: “Something Is Not Right!”

  1. What a rich comment that was by Wilbur Ross. Although I disagree whith what he’s doing with NAFTA ( why fuck with Americas largest trading partner and most staunch ally) I thought he was a smart guy. Do you think he was really serious or was this a play to the uninformed. If he was serious we have one more fascist to deal with. If he wasn’t we still do. So sincerely-was he serious?

  2. I must say that I really have enjoyed watching the media transition from leg-humping poodles to vicious military attack dogs since the election but; another way to look at this issue is that the liberal media, (AKA the DNP’s attack dog), has annoyed the rest of America with their shenanigans and they have had enough of the BS. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, (probably a little more to the left of center), if you ask me…

  3. Hate to be wishy washy bigb but I find myself somewhat in agreement with you,however this may be a time when the media needs to be rabid. How can you not be when the President of U.S. inflicts lie after lie on the American public?

  4. So many thoughts running thru my mind; I need to sort them out and will try to logically and briefly tell you what they are! First, I agree with Ger, time for media to be rabid (I like that word too) and do not let up on any exposure of lies and spins from the WH. Don’t just tell us what an idiot said, go one more step and tell or show the truth. That may be the only brief slot you have to get into the head of a deplorable, so keep it simple too. Another good point for being rabid is it will no doubt get under trump’s skin and maybe push him out the door quicker. How about filing suit against him or another appropriate ass for denying “rights” to the media as a “free press”?

    The BIG thing that needs to change is along the lines of this hypothetical story: Mom and Dad with all 5 of their kids are in a train hits car accident. All 5 kids are killed. Dad is a vegetable. Mom walks away almost unharmed (I said it was hypothetical!) and there is the throng or swarm or gang of media with their microphones and cameras almost blocking the exit at the hospital doors, all yammering at the same time, “can you tell us how you feel”…..”what are you going to do now”…..”do you blame the train”…..”how are the rest of the family doing?”….”did any of the kids live long enough to make a statement?”….. and all of you know you have witnessed scenes like that because there was yet another layer of media cameras filming all that for the nightly news! C’mon! Back the fuck off. It’s that kind of media crap that we are all sick of seeing and shaking our heads about and calling those ‘media’ folk names like Vultures and Idiots and Lowlifes. And they are all of those things and they are causing a rift and damaging the reputation of media in general.

    Then there are the FAKE NEWS. Wikipedia has a huge list of Fake News sources. That needs to be cleaned up. Out of business. Off the air. And don’t give me some crap that “they have a right to their opinion” – No they don’t. Not if they cross the line much like trump did during his campaign rallies when he encouraged physical violence against anyone in the crowd who did not support him; or penned the press people in a corral like enclosure AND GOT AWAY WITH IT! Evidence, Montana. So the networks and stations that sell/allow this type of “show” airspace can be ‘encouraged’ to stop that.

    OK, so if you knew all the stuff still running thru my mind, you would have to agree with me that all that being said, this was actually brief!

    – Murphy

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