Cramer Apologizes To Poland For Comparing Nazi Fight To Macy’s

File this one away in the “epic fuckups” category.

So I don’t remember this, probably because I don’t watch Mad Money (and neither should you, generally speaking), but apparently back on May 11th, Jim Cramer decided it was a good idea to compare Macy’s battle with online retailers to the Polish army fighting Nazi Germany. Here’s what he said:

Macy’s is like the Polish Army in WWII – it tried to field calvary against German tanks and it did not end well.

Well, Poland is fucking pissed.

First of all, the Polish Embassy wants CNBC to know that the comparison is absurd on its face:

To compare the service men and women in uniform to a department store is wholly out of place.

But beyond that, Cramer apparently has his WWII facts wrong, because as it turns out, Poland didn’t actually deploy the cavalry.

And furthermore, Poland wants Jim to know that they tried their best goddammit:

The Polish army fought gallantly against all odds. Along and outgunned, Poland mustered every unit it could to defend against the attack.

Here’s the tweet:

As for Jim, he swears he won’t compare imaginary Polish cavalry units to Macy’s again…


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