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Yen Jumps As WaPo Trump Story, Concert Explosion Trigger Risk-Off Move

We’re seeing a flight-to-safety bid amid suggestions that Donald Trump might have tried to rope two top intel chiefs into his attempt to obstruct the Russia investigation and as information continues to come in from Manchester where multiple fatalities have been reported after an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert.

USDJPY fell quickly when WaPo first reported the Trump story. “Dollar/yen’s decline towards 111 was triggered by a Washington Post report which refueled concerns about U.S. political uncertainties,” Yuji Saito, executive director at Credit Agricole CIB’s forex department in Tokyo said.

Since then, we’ve seen another leg lower:


“USD/JPY is being sold by leveraged accounts and short-term macro funds in response to a Washington Post article saying President Trump asked intelligence chiefs to deny Russian collusion,” another Asia-based FX trader remarked, adding that “clients aren’t chasing spot lower too aggressively in case news flow around this story dries up and compels short-covering.”


5 comments on “Yen Jumps As WaPo Trump Story, Concert Explosion Trigger Risk-Off Move

  1. Yes, it is grotesquely improper for Heisenberg to publish this. I demand better from a purveyor of free content or I shall take my business elsewhere.

    In future, please send me a weekly list of proposed topics and I will select the ones suitable for this website. That is the only way I can see out of this impasse.

    • ultimately, we trashed the comment you’re referencing and will pull all further comments from that user.

      to be clear, we want people to say whatever the fuck they want to. If someone wants to go on a 900-word diatribe about why they hate heisenberg, then be our guest. we won’t intervene.

      that said, when someone like the commenter whose posts we removed comes back week after week after week and leaves the same comment over and over and over in what certainly appears to be an attempt to discourage both us and readers from talking about politics on a site that is quite clearly about politics, we don’t think that serves any purpose whatsoever.

  2. here’s a funny excerpt from the e-mail we sent to said reader:

    “your comments amount to walking into a Starbucks and getting mad at the baristas for serving coffee. or going into Burger King and saying “HEY! what’s with all these burgers?!”

  3. Anonymous

    News cycle in this one might not even last until the open tomorrow. USDJPY half way back already. Crazy.

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