Video: Trump Accidentally Confirms Leaking Israeli ISIS Intel To Russians

"I never said the word 'Israel.'"

Remember that time, two weeks ago, when Trump invited Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak to the Oval Office hours after firing FBI Director James Comey and then bragged to the Russians about getting rid of the “nut job” that was investigating the administration’s ties to Moscow?

Right. Well, remember what else Trump did in that meeting?

Turns out he shared classified information about ISIS that was apparently gathered by Israel.

Of course the White House has bent over backwards to deny most of that story but leave it to Trump to accidentally confirm it.

Watch below as the President wanders around and then, despite the fact that no one ever said he mentioned Israel to the Russians, he looks to have unwittingly confirmed that he did in fact share classified material:

And that right after Netanyahu said intelligence cooperation is “terrific.”


4 comments on “Video: Trump Accidentally Confirms Leaking Israeli ISIS Intel To Russians

  1. PsychoPink

    Please, make the embarrassment(s) stop!!!!

  2. Did he upstage Wilbur Ross who did not understand there are no protest in KSA

  3. Anonymous

    he didn’t have to say Israel….. the world knew it within an hour via media disclosures – and also said at the time that Russia had really smart spies and they would know what city the undercover guy was “hiding” – so if that guy was killed, he is not responsible for that either.

    – Murphy

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