I Tweet, Therefore I Am (A Hypocrite): Headscarf Edition

The thing about Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is that if you really want to look long and hard enough, you can always find an example of him saying something that contradicts something he said or did subsequently.

@realDonaldTrump is like a repository of quotes you can reliably look to if you want to make fun of the President for something he’s just done. 

Well, sure enough…

From 2015:





And see some people will say “ok, besides the fact that the juxtaposition there makes him look like an idiot (again), why should I care about that?

The answer is: “you shouldn’t.

But just like how Trump spent years trolling Obama’s golf trips only to take office and essentially live on a golf course, this is another one of those instances where Trump has created problems for himself that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

And by the way, his propensity to do that is exactly why there’s a special counsel conducting the Russia probe now instead of the FBI Director.


1 comment on “I Tweet, Therefore I Am (A Hypocrite): Headscarf Edition

  1. Anonymous

    HA! just a copy of an old tweet and a brand new photo — no words necessary.

    – Murphy

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