Trump Blasts Special “Councel,” Again Proves You Are Rank Amateur At Throwing Gas On Fires

I gotta tell you, on a personal level, Donald Trump makes me feel better about myself.

See, anyone who knows Heisenberg will attest to the fact that I’m a master at making bad situations worse by exhibiting exceptionally volatile behavior in the face of adversity.

Heisenberg has never — not one single time — listened to that little voice that says “restraint is the better part of valor.”

As “good” as I thought I was at making bad situations immeasurably worse, Donald Trump makes Heisenberg look like a fucking rank amateur. And the same goes for you. To anyone who has ever drunk texted, lost a job over something stupid, got caught red-handed when you shouldn’t have, or otherwise thrown gas on a fire, you haven’t got shit on Donald Trump.

You would certainly think that after having i) fired the FBI Director for investigating the administration’s ties to Russia, ii) being accused by officials of leaking classified intelligence to those same Russians just hours after firing that same FBI Director (in the Oval Office no less), and then iii) being accused by that same fired FBI Director of obstructing that same investigation into those same Russians, that the last thing you would do is question the legitimacy of the special counsel appointed by the guy who helped you fire the FBI Director. Especially when that special counsel has bipartisan support and especially when the appointment of that special counsel was the only thing keeping Washington D.C. from figuratively burning to the fucking ground.

But this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. And as alluded to above, this is a man who not only makes every American who has ever exacerbated a bad situation look like a model of restraint, this is a guy who almost single-handedly rewrote the history books with regard to how Americans feel about George W. Bush, who previously seemed like a national embarrassment but who now, by comparison, is a regular Abraham fucking Lincoln.



And he spelled “councel” wrong.


2 comments on “Trump Blasts Special “Councel,” Again Proves You Are Rank Amateur At Throwing Gas On Fires

  1. Actually special “coucel” HAS. been appointed to investigate the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign.


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