Odds Of Trump Being President At End Of 2017 Hit All-Time Low

Well, I’d say we’ve hit a listless nadir, but it really isn’t “listless.”

Because listless is defined as “lacking energy or enthusiasm” and there’s no shortage of “energy and enthusiasm.”

Take it away Al:

Right. Turns out obstructing justice is a big deal, especially when “justice” involves an investigation into your own ties to a hostile foreign power.

And as you’ve probably heard, at least one GOP lawmaker is on board the impeachment train. When asked by The Hill if the allegations made by former FBI Director James Comey in a memo leaked to the press Tuesday evening were grounds for impeachment, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) said simply: “Yes.”

Of course impeachment isn’t the only way we could end up with a President Pence by the end of the calendar year. Trump could, for instance, simply resign.

So perhaps a better read on this comes from looking not at the odds of impeachment, but simply at the odds of Trump being President at the end of 2017. Here’s Predicit’s read on that:


There you go: all time low.



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