Chart Of The Day: “This Never Ends Well”…

I know, I know, you’re focused on Washington and Wall Street, because … well … because this:


But lest you should lose sight of that “other” ticking time bomb, allow me to present the following “subtle” reminder from SocGen who on Wednesday writes, “eventually, cracks will start to form and the misallocation of capital from years of super-easy money may be exposed [and] the bursting of China’s debt bubble is the most significant trigger that could impair large parts of the EM complex”…



3 thoughts on “Chart Of The Day: “This Never Ends Well”…

  1. Thanks for your charts, H. Today I made 18% on a short-term investment in VXX, wherein I bought the actual securities, rather than options. I probably sold too soon, but then at my age, one has to appear to be “Conservative”.

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