Goldman Is Super Excited About Their New “Central Bank Chatterbox”

You know when I noticed that Goldman had released “the inaugural edition of the Central Bank Chatterbox, [a] report [that] will summarize key public comments from G10 central bank officials over the past week and events scheduled for the week ahead,” my first reaction was to laugh.

“Peak central banks,” I chuckled.

Then my next thought was this: “what the fuck took them so long to do this?”

After all, we all know the only thing keeping this clown mobile running is DM central bank assets purchases and forward guidance. And as Bloomberg’s Richard Breslow recently pointed out, if Trump ever manages to go two consecutive days without doing something that generates a series of headlines ending with “…Aides Race to Limit Fallout,” we’ll all be free to go back to focusing squarely on the fate of the Yellen/Draghi/Kuroda “put.”

So while I’m not sure the “inaugural edition of the Central Bank Chatterbox” makes for the most exciting of reading, it’s worth noting that Goldman is apparently going to make this a weekly thing, because at some point, this series will be useful…

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