Video: Trump Says God Elected Him President

If Jeff Foxworthy wrote a series of jokes that started with “you know you’re a dictator if…“, at least one of them would end with this:

…you think your authority to govern was bestowed upon you by the Almighty.

Indeed, governing by Divine Right is a dictatorial cliché.

Well on Saturday, in a commencement speech at the country’s largest Christian university, Trump “went there” when he first told the graduating class that “in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God,” on the way to suggesting that “in America,” “God” is synonymous with “Trump.” Here’s the clip:

Yes, the fact that Donald Trump was “standing before [those students] as President of the United States” really “required major help from God.”

“And we got it.”

“Do we agree?”

Why yes, we do indeed “agree.”

Here’s what “God” looks like:



7 thoughts on “Video: Trump Says God Elected Him President

  1. There was something seriously wrong when “this country’s largest Christian university” would even have this disgusting human being on a short list to deliver a commencement address, much less selected him to give this address, is completely absurd. Everyone has heard his words about pussy and has heard the multiple charges against him by, what, a dozen women, and show him any respect whatsoever is ridiculous! How proud are they now? Whoever made the decision to invite him to the podium is as insane as he is!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, please consider the alternatives the voters had – neither candidates were worthy of the Presidency based on performance and as well Trump was totally unqualified for the office as he proves daily. What we should be considering beyond the Trump soap opera/reality TV Presidency is the incompetency of the political parties (both) that produced this total lack of qualified Presidential candidates to offer up to US voters in the 2016 election. Until we get rid of the multi-billion dollar 24/7 campaign/election industry and focus on performance based political leadership we doomed to endure the likes and incompetent abomination that is Donald J. Trump.

      • ….and YOU, D. Dugger …… 100% CORRECT. With one exception – I refuse to “endure” this incompetent abomination.

        – Murphy

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