Thursday Humor: Define Irony

Presented with no comment (well, other than the comment implicit in our red highlights)…



4 thoughts on “Thursday Humor: Define Irony

  1. I bet he is all stirred up about the story of Melania’s twitter account indicating she is not happy in her marriage. Tweet was removed when press reported it. Clearly she did not tweet that message – she is not that stupid! Should have been reported as a probable hack. However, they don’t present themselves as happily married — nothing like Obama’s!

    Step one would be for him to show more respect and attention to his wife and the “fake news” would have no fodder and there would be no belief in such nonsense. Step two would be for him to just ignore the whole thing instead of giving the media something tangible to sink their teeth into…… like this ironic comment about “needing attention”! Where is his caretaker these days?

  2. One small point — when I checked his Twitter feed, it had this tweet as sent at 7:02, not 4:02. Could you (or your source, if you copied the image) be on the West coast? Otherwise, the “pot, meet kettle” problem.

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