Steve Bannon’s “Secret” White Board Revealed By “Rabbi Breitbart” On Twitter

To be sure, it’s not difficult to get inside Steve Bannon’s head.

If we assume that he’s now gone so far down the rabbit hole that he actually believes in the post-Hollywood persona he’s worked so hard to cultivate over the past several years, one imagines that beneath the disheveled mop that passes for hair and behind the moonscape he calls a face, is a word cloud full of racial epithets, excerpts from Nassim Taleb books, derogatory nickname ideas for Jared Kushner, and Breitbart headlines.

Of course we can’t know for sure what goes on in Bannon’s head, but thanks to some twit pics from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, we do know for sure what’s on his white board.

Here are the pictures:

And here are the highlights via the Telegraph:

Pledges on Obamacare

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare

Pledges on Tax Reform

  • Create a 10% repatriation tax
  • Lower the corporate tax to 15%
  • Eliminate the estate tax
  • Eliminate the carried interest loophole

Pledges on Immigration

  • Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities
  • Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions
  • Implement new extreme immigration vetting tech…
  • Suspend the Syrian Refugee Program
  • Create support for victims of illegal immigration
  • Expand and revitalize the popular 287(g) program
  • Issue detainers for all illegal immigrants who are…for any crime, and they will be placed in removal proceedings
  • End “Catch-And-Release”
  • Hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents
  • Restore the Secure Communities Program
  • Triple the number of ICE agents
  • Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico….
  • Sunset our visa laws so that Congress is forced to revise and revisit them
  • Finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking…
  • Propose Passage of Davis-Oliver bill
  • Immediately terminate Obama’s “two illegal…
  • …pass “Kate’s Law


Oh, and if you’re wondering what a Rabbi was doing meeting with Steve Bannon in the first place, and before you go thinking that Shmuley Boteach’s glowing praise is somehow representative of how the Jewish community feels about Steve in general, do note that this is one Rabbi who writes for Breitbart.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Bannon’s “Secret” White Board Revealed By “Rabbi Breitbart” On Twitter

  1. Noriega could be called handsome compared to Bannon. And the good Rabbi, does he understand that the GOP’s fascination with Israel, for many, is rooted in its ultimate destruction and the rapture of the saved. I don’t think Bannon is an evangelical, he just really hates Islam.

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