From Rent, To Beer, To Cigs, To iPhones: Here’s How Much Shit Costs Globally

Well, this is funny.

There’s no shortage of discussion amongst the financial punditry about real estate bubbles, wage growth, inflation, deflation, spending, saving, and on, and on.

What do all of these discussions have in common?

Simple, they all relate to one simple question which, in true Heisenberg fashion, we’ll sum up colloquially with a sprinkle of profanity for good measure (and bad form): “Just how much does shit cost?”

I mean really, that’s it, right?


It turns out that once a year, Deutsche Bank sets out to answer just that question. On Wednesday, the bank is out with its latest “Mapping The World’s Prices” piece. Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

This is the sixth DB annual survey of global prices. It is a compilation of prices from various countries and cities around the world. We continue to add new cities, refine our methodology and while it’s impossible to exactly match products and services around the world we try to ensure as much uniformity as possible and then convert prices back to USD.

Got it.

Below, find some of the tables from Deutsche’s report, hand-selected by us based on two simple criteria:

  1. does it matter? and;
  2. is it funny?


Via Deutsche Bank









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3 thoughts on “From Rent, To Beer, To Cigs, To iPhones: Here’s How Much Shit Costs Globally

  1. This is really, really out-of-date already because of the secular change in FX exactly on January 1. The USD has collapsed since Jan 1, crashing against EM in particular by an average of 30%. That massively changes the numbers, both income and expenses, for many of those locations.

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