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What The Hell Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton?

What?! You're a professional football team playing a bunch of 10-year-olds! How was it that close to begin with?!

Ok, so it’s pretty clear that Hillary Clinton still doesn’t get it.

Let’s just be honest: if your last name is “Clinton” and you lose to someone whose last name is “Trump” in a US presidential election, you fucked something up somewhere.

That doesn’t mean you weren’t sabotaged. And it doesn’t excuse the fact that large swaths of the American electorate are stupid enough to elect a misogynistic reality TV show host with no government experience who ran a campaign that sounded like it walked out of Germany in the 1930s.

That said, the idea that the race was close enough that it was manipulatable is absurd on its face. The very fact that the Kremlin thought it was possible to influence the election says a whole lot about how flawed Clinton’s campaign truly was.

Now that it’s become abundantly clear that Donald Trump has no place being President (as if that wasn’t already clear before November) and now that everyone besides Moscow and the alt-Right blogosphere has pretty much accepted it as “fact” that Russia meddled with the election, there is absolutely nothing to gain if you’re Hillary Clinton from publicly blaming Russia for your loss.

The “right” (no partisan pun intended) thing to do if you’re going to talk about it in public at all, is to simply say this: “you know what folks, it’s up to someone else to investigate Russian meddling, I should have won by a landslide regardless of foreign interference so clearly, I did something horribly wrong.”

But not only did Clinton not say that in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women event in New York, she actually started out by acting like she was going to take responsibility, only to turn around and blame Russia in the very next breath. Read this:

I take absolute personal responsibility. I was the candidate. I was the person on the ballot. And I am very aware of, you know, the challenges, the problems, the, you know, shortfalls that we had.

If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president. It wasn’t a perfect campaign, there is no such thing, but I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off. The evidence for that intervening event is, I think, compelling, persuasive, and so we overcame a lot in the campaign.

So basically you do not, in fact, take personal responsibility.

Now watch this clip which, you’ll note, is a clinic in the very same type of smugness that made the race close enough for Russia to rig in the first place:

This is like the Hillary Clinton version of Donald Trump handing out Electoral College maps to reporters in the Oval Office.

That is, “dude, everyone knows you won the election, now tell us why you’re so fucking stupid.”

Same thing here: “Hillary, everyone knows Russia interfered in the election, now tell us how you managed to make so many Americans mad that the election was close enough to rig.”

In the same vein, how is she not embarrassed to say “I was on the way to winning until…”?

It would be like an NFL team losing to a Pop Warner squad and then later being like, “well, we were on our way to winning, up by a field goal, when the refs made a few bad calls in the other guys’ favor.”

What?! You’re a professional football team playing a bunch of 10-year-olds! How the fuck was it that close to begin with?!

This sums it up:


6 comments on “What The Hell Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton?

  1. shadonoz

    Regardless of what a bad candidate she was, how out of touch with the electorate, she just can’t believe that there are that many stupid people who would even consider voting for a man who obviously shouldn’t be in a position where he can, and will, fuck up the entire planet beyond all repair. Can you?

  2. You nailed it this time, H. It is unfortunate that ‘Professional’ politicians seldom have the right CV to truly lead a nation, especially one as polarized as the USA at present.

  3. HRC did (and still does) suffer from a malady that plagues certain politicians (well, and others…H?): “I’m just so darn smart and qualified that I decide what others should think and I do.” Unfortunately, the world – and especially politics – doesn’t work that way. She has zero people smarts, unlike her husband who could work a room or crowd like no other.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, we saw how he worked a “room”….. lying cheat…… but well liked. They call it “Charm”. He turned out to be a fairly good president, not highly respected and he certainly disrespected the Oval Office!

      A lot of his behavior also blanketed Hillary since she was married to him. Lies (?) about their Foundation didn’t help her either – and all of that multiplied by Trump a million times over, true or not, made no difference to him! Trump and many others spread rumors of her poor health. Russia! Then Comey did not help. All the BS about her email acct. Her assistant married to the pervert. There was also Grandpa Bernie who took a lot of votes away from her. There were a lot of factors that seriously hindered her campaign.

      I watched her speech and she did a good job of it and was honest in her explanation. Sure she has a grudge against Comey — wouldn’t you!?!! He did a lot of damage to an already crippled mess and many people also believe Trump would NEVER BE ELECTED – I thought it too and a lot of people I know did not bother going to the polls because they KNEW he would not win…… so we all learned a lesson. Who learned the hardest lesson? Hillary for her losing or all of us now having this loon as president?

      I am still disappointed in that I got all excited because there would be two things accomplished before I died. One, marijuana would be legalized! Two, a female would be elected president. So, it looks like only one of those lifetime realities will be accomplished. damn.

  4. Won popular vote by 3m lost EC by 70k despite email nothing-burger, Benghazi circus trials, Wikileaks, Russia, Comey, media false equivalency but sure she is a total fucking asshole for pointing this out along with a mea culpa instead of letting everyone off the hook by taking all the blame, admitting she is an uppity bitch and setting herself on fire.

  5. Winston Smith

    What The Hell Is Wrong With America?
    Fixed it for you.

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