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#Armadagate: Watch Sean Spicer Explain Trump’s “Very Powerful Armada” Moment

"It's a fact."

As noted here earlier today and as lampooned by virtually every media outlet on the planet, when Donald Trump said “we’re sending an armada [to North Korea], very powerful,” he actually meant, “some ships are in Singapore.

But you know “tomato, tomahto.”

Well as it turns out, some folks were a bit puzzled by the juxtaposition between this…


…and this…


The Navy was equally confused. Here’s what a US Navy official said on Tuesday when asked if he (or anyone else) had ever said the Vinson is headed to North Korea:

We certainly did not say that.

No, but Trump “certainly did.” Which sets up a rather awkward scenario.

Fortunately, “there’s a Spicer for that.”

Watch below as the White House press secretary once again proves why he was born to do his job…

3 comments on “#Armadagate: Watch Sean Spicer Explain Trump’s “Very Powerful Armada” Moment

  1. Ranald Gault says:


  2. Curt Tyner says:

    [laugh-that’s me before writing] Oh Spicy, Spicy, Spicy you were made for this point in history. “Rock On” as they let you swirl right down the toilet.

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