Visual Proof That Central Banks Killed Active Management

Visual Proof That Central Banks Killed Active Management

I've got a love-hate relationship with low-cost, passive investing. On the one hand, it's kind of hard to argue with something that's low-cost and that simultaneously outperforms alternative strategies that cost more. That's a no-brainer. But the problem in the post-crisis world is that investors have forgotten why it is that low-cost vehicles that replicate various benchmarks work so well. These strategies' outperformance relative to active management is attributable to the fact that central
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2 thoughts on “Visual Proof That Central Banks Killed Active Management

  1. One problem is that active management is many times favored by financial advisers, because of the money they can make by recommending the funds, as opposed what is best for the client. This happens on low level investors that can least afford the extra fees. The fiduciary rule could fix that, but it has been put on hold. I’ll pay a fee for good advice, but the conflict of interest in these setups is a real problem.

  2. Why not confuse the “regular” dunbsh*t investor ? There is this “hora” around the complexities of $$$ and finance. Confuse the living sh*t out of them and make them feel inadequate and then “cheat’ them out of their hard earned $$$$. Who do you trust??? Surly not most banks, it’s tough on the retail investor especially when the people who should protect them are not.

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