“Who Paid For This?” Trump Responds To Tax Protests After Day Of Knife Fights, Fireworks Battles

So on Saturday (“Tax Day”), some folks protested.

Specifically, some folks protested because we (still) haven’t seen Donald Trump’s tax returns.

As a reminder, he’s the first U.S. president in four decades to decline calls to release his full tax returns to the public.


Most of the protests were peaceful.


Things went horribly awry at a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley where, for the third time, pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters engaged in a little fisticuffs that culminated in an Anchorman-ish melee at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Here’s the LA Times describing the scene:

Both groups threw rocks and sticks at each other and used a large trash bin as a battering ram as the crowd moved around the perimeter of the park. One bank boarded up its ATMs before the rally as a precaution. Fireworks and smoke bombs were thrown into the crowd, and a few demonstrators were doused with pepper spray.

Twenty-one people were arrested, including some on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to Officer Byron White of the Berkeley Police Department. Eleven people were injured with at least six taken to a hospital for treatment, including one stabbing victim.

Police confiscated knives, stun guns and poles.

How fun is that, right?

Here are two pictures that pretty much tell the story:



Now there are all manner of appropriate ways to respond to and/or address all of that if you’re the President. Predictably, Trump eschewed all of them and went straight to Twitter on the way to missing the point entirely.



Yes, “the election is over!” Says the guy who mentioned the Electoral College in a tweet exactly 6 minutes earlier.

Of course as with all things Trump, when it comes to blatant hypocrisy and/or answering his own questions, “there’s a tweet for that”…


The scene in Berkeley was caught on tape in stunning HD…

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