Turkey Caption Contest: Erdogan Is “Confident” You’ll Make “The Expected Decision”

Turkey Caption Contest: Erdogan Is “Confident” You’ll Make “The Expected Decision”

If you were following along on Saturday, you heard all you probably cared to hear about today’s all-important referendum in Turkey (full story here).

In short, while Erdogan will in all likelihood get his way even if it takes a redo or three, the outcome will dictate (no pun intended) how the lira trades this week and could very well have a substantial impact on EM in general, depending on exactly what transpires over the next 24 or so hours. Don’t believe me, ask Tracy:

So to start Sunday, I thought the following picture was particularly amusing, especially in light of the accompanying Erdogan quotables.


Via The Guardian

Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan has cast his ballot in Istanbul as tens of millons of Turks go to the polls in a controversial referendum the Turkish president said could transform the country.

Bodyguards with automatic weapons stood guard outside the polling station as ErdoÄŸan and his wife Emine cast their ballots accompanied by two of their grandchildren.

After voting, he said: “We have held referendums before, but this referendum is now about a new administrative system for the republic of Turkey. It’s a choice for change and transformation.

“We need to make a decision that is beyond the ordinary,” ErdoÄŸan said, adding that he hoped the nation would make the “expected” decision. “I believe in my nation’s democratic common sense.”

One thought on “Turkey Caption Contest: Erdogan Is “Confident” You’ll Make “The Expected Decision”

  1. Sure as Sh*t the history of this era will note the EXCEPTIONAL leadership setting in motion bonehead decisions galore. Seems the stage has been set and feels out of control like a slow motion car wreck. As monetary systems become more precarious a nudge here or a “dumbsh*t mistake by one or more of these EXCEPTIONAL leaders could light the proverbial fuse. Trust has disappeared from out politics, our allies, our communities and maybe even from ourselves. Honesty is GONE from almost every facet of all discourse between humans. Religion is sold like “Big Macs”, politics is a “money pit of vipers” buying voters with “fake promises”, corporations sell “advertised crap” that most people don’t need and science is betrayed as heresy while we continue our march to more extinction (maybe our own). It was a “beautiful chocolate cake” now bomb Syria. Erdogan just another in a world of EXCEPTIONAL CRAZIES.

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